WinMend History Cleaner 1.5.8 Serial Keygen

WinMend History Cleaner 1.5.8 Serial Keygen


A lightweight and handy piece of software that performs a thorough scan of your computer in order to remove histories of system programs or browsers

WinMend History Cleaner is a software utility that helps you gain more hard drive space and increase your system’s performance by deleting unnecessary Windows or browser history files. Plus, it offers you an easy method to protect your private information, in case you have made a habit of saving account passwords in your browser cache.

Perform an exhaustive system scan

Once you open the application, you are able to perform a scan that goes through Start Menu and desktop, Windows system and recent activities to find all temporary, log and history files. When the scan is completed, you can select the elements you want to remove, may they be cookies, history, temporary, IIS log files, recently opened documents, Recycle Bin, clipboard and memory dumps.

Unlike other similar programs, the application supports multiple web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape Communicator.

WinMend History Cleaner displays the scan results in a orderly and detailed manner, giving you the possibility to decide with confidence which files to keep and which to delete. Unfortunately, the summary with the scan results cannot be exported, only viewed. Before deleting history or other types of files it is recommended that you back up certain data that might affect the functionality of your operating system.

Keep your computer safe by deleting history files

Although the whole process of scanning and deleting files shouldn’t take too much of your time and should run smoothly, still depending on the amount of history files stored within your computer you may experience a slightly increase of the CPU usage.

The scanning process usually doesn’t take more than a few seconds but if you haven’t cleaned your system for a long period of time, you may have to wait several minutes before you can proced with history file deletion.

Reliable history cleaner

All in all, WinMend History Cleaner is a handy tool to have around when you notice your system isn’t as fast as it used to due to the accumulation of many history and temporary files. Since it performs a comprehensive system scan and allows you to select the files and cookies you want to delete, it is safe to say that both novice and advanced users can have confidence in using WinMend History Cleaner.



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WinMend History Cleaner 1.5.8 Serial Keygen

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