WinMend Disk Cleaner 1.6.1 Serial Keygen

WinMend Disk Cleaner 1.6.1 Serial Keygen


An easy to use application that enables you to diagnose your system and clear away unnecessary junk files that take up hard disk space

WinMend Disk Cleaner is a reliable software that is capable of performing thorough system scans and offer an overview on the hard disk occupied space status. The software can easily detect how much storage is allocated to unnecessary junk files and clear the files away, in order to make room for important items.

Computer diagnosis specialist

Pending a thorough system scan WinMend Disk Cleaner can detect how much of the hard disk space is allocated to each type of files. The software focuses on compressed archives, image files, documents, music, videos, junk and other formats. Additionally, the application can indicate how much free space is available and how much space you could clean up by erasing all the junk files.

Junk files are generally temporary documents, created when operating programs and stored in Documents, AppData or other such folders. It is a tedious job to manually search for all these files and erase them.

Clean and filter junk files

WinMend Disk Cleaner features two main functions, both designed to offer you an overview on the state of occupation of the hard disk space. Disk Cleaner can identify and display the temporary files stored on your computer, then allows you to select/deselect the rows. Once you have decided which files you wish to keep, you can erase the rest with one mouse click.

The Disk Analyzer offers a statistical view on how the types of files that occupy the hard disk space. This function allows you to view all the junk files and their size, then, as with the Disk Cleaner, erase the selected ones. Additionally, you may create filters and select the exact file extensions you wish to include or exclude from the search.

Clean up your computer and prolong its life

WinMend Disk Cleaner is lightweight, easy to use and allows you to clear away unnecessary files that take up too much space on your computer. The junk files are not large, usually, but over time they can slow down your system and cause disk fragmentation. Thus, with WinMend Disk Cleaner, not only can you create more free space on the hard disk, but you can also ensure a better system performance over the years.



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WinMend Disk Cleaner 1.6.1 Serial Keygen

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