WinMend Data Recovery 1.6.0 Serial Keygen

WinMend Data Recovery 1.6.0 Serial Keygen


A reliable and easy to use application that can seamlessly scan your disk drives and recover formatted or accidentally deleted files

Formatted or accidentally deleted files can be a pain to recover, especially if you do not have a reliable backup point for them. With the help of WinMend Data Recovery, all your problems can be laid to rest. The program allows you to scan your drive and restore any lost, deleted or corrupted file.

Intuitive tool for file recovery

The application can help you scan your disk drive and recover any accidentally deleted or corrupted files, lost during formatting or due to partition exceptions. Since it recovers data from any FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or NTFS5 partition, it can be used on virtually any computer.

Furthermore, you can quickly scan your drive and recover files. If the Quick Scan fails, you can always rely on the Full Scan, which can thoroughly scan your drive and find lost, deleted or corrupted files, although it might take more time.

Dependable utility for unformatting drives

WinMend Data Recovery can help you fully recover a disk drive, even if it was formatted. This way, you are able to recover your important or personal files even if a drive has been formatted, thus had all its data deleted.

Aside from this, the program can safely recover files, as it never overwrites any existing one. The files that are not deleted, yet inaccessible due to operating system locking, are quickly recovered and saved to other partitions, so that they do not interfere with the sensitive files. Since the application does not put an strain on your computer resources, it is suitable for any disk drive and Windows operating system.

An overall handy data recovery software

To sum it all up, WinMend Data Recovery is ideal for quickly scanning and recovering files from deleted or formatted drives, in just a couple of clicks. Using powerful recovery algorithms, the application provides a minimalistic and clean-cut interface, fit for any type of user.




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WinMend Data Recovery 1.6.0 Serial Keygen

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