Windows Firewall Control Incl Keygen

Windows Firewall Control Incl Keygen


Windows Firewall Control is a tool that provides fast access to the Windows Firewall settings and enhances functionality by letting you manage networking rules for each application. It mainly caters to experienced users, such as network administrators.

Quick access from the tray icon

Once initialized, the app creates an icon in the system tray area and allows you to select the security profile, ranging from no filtering (turns off Windows Firewall) to high filtering mode (blocks all inbound and outbound connections).

Thorough management of application connections

When it comes to rules management, you can allow or deny access to any application, disable, delete it from the list or create a duplicate. The list shows names, groups, programs, locations, statuses, actions, directions, locate and remote ports, remote addresses, protocols, and services.

Populate permission lists with custom apps

It is possible to sort items by status or direction (inbound, outbound, all, user-created), use a search function, view recently blocked programs, as well as switch to a simplified viewing mode for enabling and disabling program access, as well as for adding a new app to the list.

Rich settings to work with

Windows Firewall Control features a control panel where you can make additional tweaks. You can integrate the tool into the Explorer context menu, set it to autorun at startup, disable other programs from adding firewall rules, activate global hotkeys for the control panel and rules management area, adjust the frame’s hue, import and export rules, as well as access some Windows tools (Firewall with Advanced Security, Command Prompt, Event Viewer, Resource Monitor, Windows Registry).

To end with

All in all, the application has a fair reaction speed and works smoothly, without causing any problems to the OS. It quickly applies rule changes. Windows Firewall Control is an excellent utility for a better control over Windows Firewall options, especially when it comes to setting up rules for each program.

Changes in

  • New: New Security tab was added in the Main Panel which contains the Secure Boot and the new improved Secure Rules feature which automatically removes the rules that are added to a different Group than the defined list of authorized group names. This adds the possibility to the operating system to add required rules without being deleted anymore by WFC because Secure Rules was enabled. Also, unwanted firewall rules that may have been added before the start of WFC service can be detected this way.
  • Updated: The internal logging mechanism was simplified and updated to offer more information about the events that are logged.
  • Updated: A new rule created from the notification dialog without customizing it, is created for Any protocol. From now on it will be created for the protocol that appears in the notification. This change applies also for the rules created automatically for digitally signed programs when Low notification level is used.
  • Fixed: The search from Connections Log works very slow compared to the search from Manage Rules.




Windows Firewall Control Incl Keygen

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