Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 (x86/x64) Direct Download ESD Links

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 (x86/x64) Direct Download ESD Links


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What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316

Start and Cortana

  • Cortana can now sync across devices
    • You’ll now get a notification whenever your mobile device is running out of battery
    • Find my phone/Ring my phone is now available through Cortana
    • You can now share map directions between your devices
  • Cortana can now automatically fetch the required speech language for you
  • You can now change Cortana’s language
  • Cortana’s Settings have been moved outside the Notebook


  • You can now show a window on all your desktops

User Interface

  • When logging into a locked account, the new lockscreen animation is now used
  • Windows Spotlight is now supported with the new lockscreen animation
  • Some apps like Edge, Skype and more are using a new loading animation
  • The upgrade experience has a new design


  • Edge has been updated from version 34.14295 to version 37.14316 with the following updates
    • You can now upload folders
    • On Mobile, when an app opens a new tab, pressing back will now close it
    • On Mobile, when typing in a text box, you can now use the pase button above the keyboard
    • Edge now supports importing favorites from Firefox
    • Imported favorites will now be put in their own folder, instead of the already existing favorites folder
    • The Favorites hub now uses a tree view
    • When closing Edge with running downloads, Edge will now warn you
    • You can now set a default save location for downloads
    • Edges default opening settings are now a dropdown
    • There is now an accessibility tree view in F12
    • You can now debug extensions through F12
    • You can now use DOM API profiling
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 14.14295 to version 14.14316 with the following updates
    • Default parameters
    • Async/await
    • Object.values and Object.entries
    • Opus audio format
    • Time element
    • Date element
    • Output element
    • Color input type
    • Canvas Path2D objects
    • Web Speech API
    • The User Agent String has been updated
  • The following flags have been added
    • ES6 Regex symbols
    • Fetch API
    • Web Notifications API


  • New panels, settings and options
    • You can now choose which app’s notifications are more important to you
    • You can now choose how many notifications an app can have in the Action Center
    • You can now choose between dark and light mode
    • The color for title bars and the color for the taskbar, start and Action Center can now be toggled separately from each other
    • You can now manage background processes on a per-app base
    • Windows Update now allows you to set the time you’re most active in so that it can avoid updating at that point
    • The Windows Update notification after installing an update now takes you to the device’s update history
    • You can now enable Device Portal
    • You can now enable a number of developer-focused settings for File Explorer
    • There are now a number of developer-focused settings for Remote Desktop
    • PowerShell also has a number for develop-focused settings
  • Visual updates and others
    • The Settings app has a new design for its home page
    • The accent color table has been redesigned and is now always shown
    • Battery settings are now displayed on one single page
    • Under “Activation” Windows will now say that the license is coupled to your account


  • You can now use the Ubuntu Bash natively in Windows


  • Skype UWP Preview has been added as a default app
  • Connect has been added as a default app
  • Test Taker has been added as a default app
  • You can now react on feedback in the Feedback Hub
  • Messaging Everywhere Beta has been added to the Messaging app
  • The Get Skype app has been removed

And further

  • The emoji set has been completely revamped
  • The default emoji’s are no longer grey, but yellow

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the audio on devices with TPM chips may glitch
  • Fixes an issue where the network adapter would show an error indicator when using Hyper-V with a Virtual Switch
  • Fixes the Wi-Fi fly out UI with a more polished design
  • Fixes an issue where multi monitor setups would make Windows Explorer crash
  • Fixes an issue where tiles for Win32 apps would move to another location after updating to a new build
  • Fixes an issue where the Update and Restart/Shut Down options wouldn’t start the update

Known issues

  • The Visual Studio emulator for HoloLens and Windows 10 Mobile won’t work
  • Narrator and other screen reader apps might fail to read menu options or selected text in different apps
  • Large downloads in Microsoft Edge might appear to be stuck at 99%
  • Enabling Developer Mode may make the Settings app crash
  • Some notification may not show the actual notification, but only the icon

Change log information taken from



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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 (x86/x64) Direct Download ESD Links

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 (x86/x64) Direct Download ESD Links

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