Watermark Software 8.1 incl Keygen

Watermark Software 8.1 incl Keygen

Watermark Software 8.1

Using this application you can add watermarks created with text, images or logos and adjust their sizes, transparency and colors

An image can be a simple memory you captured from a vacation, representations of commercial items and even works of art. The Internet is home to most of them and it’s not the safest place. In order to rest assured that your photos are less exposed to piracy, various specialized applications, such as Watermark Software, give you the possibility to enhance them with watermarks, thus offering extra security.

Quickly import files and get them ready

The first thing you notice when running the application is the visually appealing interface. Even though it’s not your basic window style, it manages to make accessibility one of its strong points.

If you don’t know where to start, cleverly designed hints are found around the workspace to get you up and running. Importing an image file is done either by dragging it over the main window or, as you are suggested, by hitting the “Add Files” button. Doing so brings up a small browser that reveals the staggering amount of formats you are able to import.

Additionally, an implemented EXIF Editor lets you view and manage image specific options, and where available, even GPS coordinates.

Add various watermarks on multiple layers

The next step takes you to a complex editor, where the application really shines. Another workspace is put at your disposal, where a small preview section is available, editing options, a layer selection panel, as well as several tabs for different watermark types.

Everything you add is fully customizable, from size and color, to shadow options or effects. Elements are carefully arranged by dragging them around the preview section, with additional help from rotate and opacity sliders.

Unfortunately, your original image cannot suffer from any changes except from ones made with the EXIF Editor and a resize tool, with no possibility to at least manage colors.

Export the result to popular image formats

Last but not least, the final step of the process gives you access to output options, which are some of the most commonly used types, quality settings and a preview section. Choose the destination path, hit the “Run” button and your new file is generated in the blink of an eye.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Watermark Software puts a clever interface and complex editing tools at your disposal to get the extra security you need. The vast library of content to use as a watermark and various formats make it a practical utility overall.




Watermark Software 8.1 incl Keygen

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