Virtual CloneDrive Direct Download

Virtual CloneDrive Direct Download


Virtualizing CD / DVD has been an idea that surely did not like manufacturers of consumables.Thanks to programs like Virtual CloneDrive, no longer need to burn a CD or DVD to load and test an image we have downloaded. Virtual CloneDrive is posited as a virtualizer reading units easy to use and unpretentious. With just a few clicks, we get fifteen virtual drives and can load them any ISO, BIN or CCD image, which in the eyes of our computer will be like a disk. Reading a virtualized drive is much faster than in a real reader, so in many cases (especially games) is feasible to create a disk image and upload it to a virtual drive. Undoubtedly, the ability to virtualize a CD and DVD to use any ISO, BIN or CCD file like a recorded disc is involved, can save time, because with speeds reaching Internet, and the ability to find touches class files, downloading an image in ISO format is very common, especially in the case of Linux systems or games.

 SO | Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10 


Changes in

  • Change: Windows 7 uses scsiport driver instead of storport, fixing rare compatibility issues
  • Fix: ElbyCDIO was not restarted after uninstall
  • Some minor changes and improvements




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Virtual CloneDrive Direct Download

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