Total Movie Converter 4.1.16 Incl Key

Total Movie Converter 4.1.16 Incl Key


Total Movie Converter 4.1.16 Size 22.56 Mb Coolutils Total Movie Converter v4.1.16 is a very useful program to convert video files in all popular file formats such as: AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV. In addition, Total Movie Converter can prepare video for various devices – iPod, iPhone, Zune, Apple TV, Archos, Creative Zen Vision, XBox and many others. You can batch convert video files group. Total Movie Converter supports 3GP format. It allows you to create a video for every phone.

If you have a Nokia smartphone or Blackberry, our video converter will provide you with the right video format in a single click. If you shoot a home video with HD cameras, Total Movie Converter will do it, it will be possible to put the video on the network by clicking the button twice. Total Movie Converter light, and easy to use. It does not require any special knowledge to convert video files. Wizard will help all the necessary settings. You also can use the batch conversion mode to save your time and effort.
Total Movie Converter can convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Sevenload. Everything you need – insert a link to the video. Video converter can also change the codec or system type between all popular video formats. In addition, you can adjust the bit rate audio \ video, frame rate, and even cut your video files. You can also increase the volume of your video. The conversion process is very fast. Total Movie Converter can be run from the command line. Additionally, you can integrate Total Movie Converter in the pop-up menu of Windows. This means that you can right click on the video file on your desktop and select “Convert to” menu. Think you do not need even to evoke the program to convert! Built-in video player will help you to see the video before and after conversion. It is really very useful!

          Formats supported:

  • Audio Video Interleaved (AVI)
  • Wideo Windows Media (WMV)
  • DivX video (divx)
  • XviD Video (.XVID)
  • DVD Video (VOB)
  • Digital Video (.DV, .DIF)
  • Apple QuickTime Video (MOV)
  • MPEG video (MPG, .mpeg, .mpe, .M1V, M2V, .MPV)
  • MPEG4 Video (.MPEG4, .m4v, MP4)
  • Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)
  • AVS Video (.AVS)
  • Intel Indeo Video (.IVF)
  • Streaming Video Matroska (MKV)
  • Mobile Phone Video (.3gp, .3G2)
  • HD Video (.H261, .H264)
  • JVC Digital Video (MOD)
  • Winamp3 Video (.NSV)
  • MythTV Video (.NUV, .NUT)
  • Flash video (.FLI, .FLC, .FLX, FLV, .FFM, SWF)
  • Sony high definition video (MTS and M2TS)
  • RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB)
  • Telesync (TS)

          Main Features:

  • Convert to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLI
  • New! Convert mts / m2ts video
  • Convert to iPod, iPhone
  • Change the codec / system type
  • De-interlaces your video file
  • Convert many video files in batches
  • Have an integrated video player
  • Command line
  • Wizard to help beginners
  • Adjusting Audio \ Video bitrate, Frame Rate
  • Integrated into Windows
  • Vista compatible


Software name: Coolutils Total Movie Converter 4.1.16
Year of release: 2015
Language: Multilingual + English
Activation: series
OS: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7




Total Movie Converter 4.1.16 Incl Key

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