Tor Browser Bundle 5.5.2 Final Portable

Tor Browser Bundle 5.5.2 Final Portable

Tor Browser Bundle 5.5.2 Final

Tor Browser Bundle 5.5.2 Size 42.41 Mb is a versatile program for anonymous Internet surfing by routing and encryption of traffic on a distributed network of servers. Tor Browser Bundle prevent unwanted monitoring of user’s Internet connection and get information about what sites are visited, as well as visiting the host hide all information about the physical location of visitors. Including software properly configured Tor and Firefox browser. This program requires no installation and can be used with the media, including removable (USB drives, and other devices).

When the file extraction is complete, open the folder Tor Browser from the directory where you saved the file. Double-click on the application «Start Tor Browser.exe». Once Tor will start automatically opens Firefox. Through Tor will only take web pages visited by using the installation package is included in the Firefox browser. On the other Web browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, Tor no action will apply. Before visiting each page, make sure that your browser in the bottom right corner that says “Tor Enabled”. To reduce the risk, do not run Firefox while using the standard Browser Bundle, and before closing the windows open before the standard Firefox browser. At the end of the Internet and close all open windows Firefox. For security reasons, the list of web pages that have been visited, and all cookies are deleted. In the Tor Browser Bundle will automatically shut down Vidalia and Tor. Remember that Tor anonymizes the origin of the traffic and encrypts all traffic within the Tor network, but it can not encrypt traffic between the Tor network and its final destination. If you are communicating sensitive information, you have to pay a lot of attention to security as you would through a standard Internet connection – use HTTPS or other means to end encryption and authentication.

Tor Browser includes Vidalia, which is a graphical interface that is user-friendly for secure anonymous network. Tor Tor Browser module starts immediately after the connection to the network. Tor is free software (BSD license), using a technology called “secure routing” (anonymous exchange of information through the network). Messages were subjected to repeated encryption, sent over several network nodes, called onion routers (routing onions – protected routing).

Tor Browser allows users to protect against surveillance, which may pose a threat to privacy, professional activities, as well as interpersonal relationships. Tor Browser also allows you to cut an attempt to obtain information about the activities of members of national security agencies (traffic analysis program).

Each router is responsible for the Tor network layer encryption to open a trace report and send the information to the next router, which repeats the script. Intermediate nodes have no information about the source, destination, content of the message.

Special services Tor Browser allows users to create their own web portal, while not disseminate information about the actual location and hosting sites.

Tor Browser provides customers anonymity, anonymity server. Using Tor Browser networks can use the server in the same way, that is, its location on the Internet will not be known. Tor Browser is designed to protect communications between a client and a server, but it can not provide a complete closure of the transmitted data.

Great advantage of using the Tor Browser is easy to use (download the file, unzip it, run the installation file), but all the functions that carry a potential threat to the security of the locked (cookies, flash animations, browser cache, history of visits) that can give a small inconvenience those accustomed work, using all possible browser, third-party applications, even those that do not meet safety standards.

          New in Version 5.0 Final

  • Engine updates for Firefox 38.2.0esr;
  • OpenSSL is updated to version 1.0.1;
  • HTTP-Mana Update to version 5.0.7;
  • NoScript update to version;
  • Update to version 0.20 met;
  • Tor update to version;
  • Allowed end. “” In FQDN;
  • Pets DNS name with the characters ‘_’;
  • It is forbidden to change the current scheme using the site.
  • Torbutton * Update to version;
  • Fixed a bug where the white discarded during the upgrade process;
  • Remove filter sessionstore;
  • Fixed a bug where when you select Check for Updates Download the update fails;
  • From the browser menu item is removed “Go to Sync”;
  • Fixed bug with displaying the logo Tor Browser on the page about the program;
  • Updated API Cache;
  • Update language translation;
  • Tor Launcher update to version
  • Use the key internal update URL updates;
  • Visual differences between screen “proxy” and “bridge”;
  • Update language translation;
  • Fixed crash when gentle update (Windows);
  • Re-check the compatibility of the extension after the update (Windows);
  • Using the SDK 10.7 OSX (Mac OS);
  • Fixed menu using ESR 38 (Mac OS);
  • Included in the ICU OS X (Mac OS);
  • Upgrade Toolkit for GCC version 5.1;
  • Updated for Firefox build system 38;
  • Building a Fixed system during assembly Mozilla Trysrever;
  • Renaming sha256sums.txt in sha256sums-unsigned-duild.txt;

          Changes in version 5.0.1:

  • This release fix a bug that caused the accident Tor Browser works on some sites (such as Google Maps and Tumblr) and is associated with the processing of URL-addresses with reference to the columns of the object.



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Tor Browser Bundle 5.5.2 Final Portable

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