The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.95 Serial Keygen incl

The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.95 Serial Keygen incl


Considering the amount of malicious software that can even permanently damage your computer, it is imperative to have an efficient security system installed, and as much as you can keep track of anything that goes in your HDD.

A powerful tool for a careful, in depth management of activities on your computer is The Ultimate Troubleshooter. This application is simply a more advanced form of a task manager.

Easy guided management

As the things you can handle are not to joke with, and can damage your system if not processed with caution, there are helpful recommendations, and hints, to take you on the right path, and be well informed about what you are about to do.

Designed to keep you safe

You will be lost in the amount of info offered to you by this utility. However, if you stop and pay a little attention you will find that all of it is useful, and can help you detect even the hardest error to spot. Applications can be dealt with in the style of the common task manager, with a few more extra options.

You are given access to all running tasks, services, that are set up by your machine, and even those that run at startup, if you choose to disable them. Detailed info is shown in each category, and there is also a general system info tab where you can view everything there is to know about your system and its components. In addition, there are even a few tune up utilities to help your computer run a little better.

Last but not least, besides the terminate, and suspend options, available for all ongoing tasks, there is also the possibility to completely eliminate the selected application from your system, in case you consider it is harmful in any way.

To end with

The Ultimate Troubleshooter deserves its name and lives up to expectations. Stay on the safe side with this application that gives you full control over whatever is going on inside of your computer. Monitor and manage tasks and services, and eliminate any potential threat instantly, with a single mouse click.




The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.95 Serial Keygen incl

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