SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2 Retail

SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2 Retail

SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2

SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2 SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2 SyncManager Pro v2.0.2 SyncManager Pro 2.0.2

Keep your data in sync
Not only practical, but also time-saving: The SyncManager synchronizes data in the background  between any folder, different hard drives or other established devices. You can, for example, automatically copy your latest camera images to the desired archive, or perform an automatic weekly backup of your sensitive data to a connected external hard drive. No matter what you choose, the SyncManager takes care of the job. Reliable and comfortable.

Set up once – never worry again
Setting up a synchronization job for any device, like a camera, is really easy. And once done you don’t have to worry about it again. Every time a corresponding device is plugged into your PC, Syncmanager works on the related job and synchronizes your data in the background without bothering you. It’s that simple!

Need more control?
How often do you want to synchronize your data? You can choose between four different options: continuous, manual, daily or weekly. Your synchronization jobs are presented to you in a clear and easy way and can be changed and adjusted with only a few clicks, so you have everything under control. Always. thanks to Rafi


SyncManager Pro 2015 2.0.2 Retail

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