Sticky Password Premium Incl Key

Sticky Password Premium Incl Key

Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password Premium – password manager that allows you to store your credentials locally or in the cloud synchronizing them with the Windows PC Mac Android-devices iPhone and iPad ensuring that you can create secure passwords and automatically enter them wherever you are  are.  It may carry automatic login to websites and applications import data from browsers and other password managers that automatically recognize and maintain the type of created web account create a password and has a dashboard showing all unreliable passwords so the user knows where it is necessary to strengthen  security.
Key features in Sticky Password
• New user interface.
• Ability to synchronize data in the cloud
• Support for Windows Mobile and Android devices iPhone and iPad
• The preservation of bookmarks.
• Clipboard protection.
• Highlighting the input fields / registration in the browser.
• Password Generator available in the web form.
• Storing the history cgenerirovannyh passwords.
• Exchange accounts.
• Web browser defaults for each account.
• The ability to ignore specified application integration.
• Supports only accounts with a user name.
• Added search feature and print notes.
• A reminder about the expiration of your account password.
• Ability to limit the size of the folder / backup versions.
• Prevention of presence and display of accounts with weak passwords.
• Right-click in the Internet Explorer context menu of the field for its autocomplete.
• Ability to undo the last action (adding / deleting / editing item).
• Sticky Password is now notifies the user if it can not access the application running with elevated privileges.
• In the Sticky Password has support for USB-devices and you can turn the application into a portable with just one click of the mouse.  Thus you can always take with access to your personal information and to be protected from keyloggers and identity theft.
• To create a new account on the website each time the user needs to fill out numerous web forms.  Sticky Password has the function of filling out forms which can not only automatically send private information but do so in a secure manner.
• In spite of the functionality of the utility the first adjustment is made easy.  To do this the user must choose a master password and authentication method password protection USB or the Bluetooth-device.

List of changes
• Build (Feb 2 2016)
– Stability improvements and bug fixes for Firefox IE and Chrome web browser extension;
– Fixed synchronization problem with portable installation
• Improved stability and fix problems for Firefox IE and Chrome browsers
• Fixed a synchronization problem in a portable version


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Sticky Password Premium Incl Key

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