Starus Partition Recovery 2.4 Incl Keygen

Starus Partition Recovery 2.4 Incl Keygen


Starus Partition Recovery 2.4 (28.56 Mb) is a program for self-recovery from a broken, damaged logical partition and all the background information in its original form. Complete reconstruction of the structure of the system failures and errors of the operating system FAT / NTFS. Partition Recovery infection status – Program of the series “Install and always be confident that their data is complete!”

If for some reason the drive is not recognized in the system if the boot sector and partition table is damaged, and the structure of folders and files destroyed – do not be angry! Partition Recovery infection status will give you the opportunity to restore the logical partitions and all data on the professional level.

No matter whose fault – the user programming errors or the action of malicious programs. Effective recovery partition, Partition Recovery Program infection status, carried out with the reconstruction of damaged structures of the service information in file systems FAT / NTFS.

Tool scans every modern digital media for the remaining useful information. Based on these data, the program will create all the logical data structure from scratch.

Unique algorithm of the program provides a wide range of data recovery, and does not require the user to additional technical knowledge. There are many programs with different capabilities and different data recovery algorithms. The main advantage of the infection status Partition Recovery – really the recovery information safe and affordable for every PC user.

This tool will Partition Recovery infection status is useful for anyone who is thinking about effective data recovery. Product returns really all sections and information that is only possible to restore.

The main objective of the instrument:

  • Restore the damaged part is removed, distributed, or reformatted to a different file system
  • returns the logical structure of the disk
  • return the information when the table file is missing or damaged
  • recover data from corrupted partition boot record when the official is corrupt MBR disk (master boot record)
  • revive information regardless of the type of file system or media.



Starus Partition Recovery 2.4 Incl Keygen

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