SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 757.0510 Serial Crack

SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 757.0510 Serial Crack

SoftMaker Office Professional v757.0510


Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and stay in touch with other people via email with the help of this powerful office suite

Users who have to work often with documents and are accustomed with Microsoft’s well known Office suite have at their disposal several alternatives in case they want to switch to a different solution without losing anything in terms of functionality and compatibility.

One of the available choices is SoftMaker Office, a dedicated suite that packs several applications through which users can handle text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. The main advantage of this software is the seamless integration of all formats you are used to from Microsoft Office.

Enclosed components
There are several components that this suite comes bundled with, each focused on a particular type of document. Thus, for creating and editing text files, you have at your disposal TextMaker, for spreadsheet related tasks there’s PlanMaker, while PowerPoint’s replacement is SoftMaker Presentations.

The more advanced users who are accustomed to use macro scripts in order to automate a variety of tasks can now enjoy a specialized tool brought by SoftMaker Office. It is called BasicMaker and provides the necessary functions for macro development and testing.

Clear-cut GUI and use a dedicated customization section
All the components of the suite have easy-to-use interfaces, resembling the older versions of Microsoft Office. The functions and commands are easily accessible thanks to the well-organized menus and sub-menus.

The charts, worksheets and slides can be managed and customized in detail thanks to the many objects, effect and tools that are available inside every component of SoftMaker Office. Also, each program of the suite comes with a consistent configuration area where pretty much everything can be customized to fit the needs and requirements of the user.



SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 757.0510 Serial Crack

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