SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.63 Serial Key

SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.63 Serial Key


Made as the commercial version of SiteMonitor, SiteMonitor Enterprise is a comprehensive software application that lets you monitor websites and get their response time to find out whether they are still running or not.

Add websites or hosts

The monitor automatically begins at startup and you can pause or stop it with one click. It’s possible to add as many websites or hosts to the monitor list as you want, provided that you fill in details regarding the monitor type (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, DNS, TCP port).

It’s necessary to indicate the URL, name, socket data to match, checkup frequency (in minutes), credentials, along with email or SMS notifications. Moreover, you can organize the hosts into different groups. These properties can be later edited, or the entries can be removed from the list, and all this information may also be imported from CSV files.

Examine logs and configure program settings

SiteMonitor Enterprise records program activity and lets you inspect it in external files. You can rename groups, edit the email template, modify the default site checkup frequency together with the HTTP and TCP timeout, specify the HTTP headers to send with requests, schedule automatic actions on site failures (e.g. open a file, run an app, send email), apply a proxy configuration, or ask the tool to run at every Windows startup until further notice.

Access the web UI, study in-depth reports, and manage user permissions

Apart from the desktop client, SiteMonitor Enterprise features a web interface that can be opened in any browser, contains a dashboard, and shows the status of all websites along with log data.

Furthermore, the software application enables you to generate reports for each host based on various criteria, such as response times or daily status codes, in order to examine graphs. What’s more, the web interface can be accessed by other users who were previously cleared by the administrator.




SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.63 Serial Key

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