SIM change alert PRO v2.0 Apk

SIM change alert PRO v2.0 Apk

Description of SIM change alert

SIM tracker will send details of the newly entered SIM to the real owner using both SMS and e-mail.

SIM change notification makes the device useless to the thief even after he removes the battery and restarts it, the alarm will continue to ring unless the right password is entered.

SIM change alert detects when SIM card is changed and secures the phone using a password and rings an alarm.

SIM change SMS and email alerts are sent from the newly inserted SIM to the owner’s emergency contact list with the phone’s location on a map, helping you to find and recover your device.

Use SIM change alert if you don’t want anyone to use your phone without your permission.

Secure and protect your device before it is lost or stolen.

-> SMS alerts when the SIM card is changed
-> E-mail alerts to all emergency addresses
-> Precise location of device on google maps
-> Phone number of the newly inserted sim
-> PIN or pattern password for security
-> Enable or disable app uninstall

How to use:
-> Setup password and add three mobile numbers and e-mail addresses
-> Test the app so that the permissions are setup successfully
-> Save the details and SIM change alert app will protect your phone

SIM change notification can help you find your lost or stolen mobile.

Thieves beware of SIM tracker.

Note: SIM change alert doesn’t claim that the app can avoid theft completely. It’s the owner’s responsibility to be careful. By using this app, you can prevent theft.

For any suggestions or feature requests please write to us.

SIM change alert PRO v2.0 Apk

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