Salfeld User Control 2015 15.679 inclu Serial Key

Salfeld User Control 2015 15.679 inclu Serial Key


User Control 2014 is an advanced and efficient program tailored to help you set a multitude of restrictions and limitations on your computer.

Clean and modern interface

The program’s graphic interface has a pleasant look and an intuitive layout of the sections, in order to easily access the function you are looking for.

The features of User Control 2014 are ergonomically organized in sections and tabs, making the program quite intuitive and user-friendly.

Various sets of limitations

With User Control 2014, you can create a multitude of rules and limitations, which is especially useful when the computer is accessed by other users to whom you want to prohibit the ability to make changes to your settings.

The restrictions you can set are not only for Windows settings, but also extend to Internet or software usage.

Time-limited restrictions

With User Control 2014, you can manage in detail when an application or website should be blocked or allowed.

You can create schedules with the exact intervals of time when the restrictions can be lifted, which is useful in schools or work environments.

Efficient Internet filter

User Control 2014 is an excellent parental control tool which allows you to easily block Internet usage or filter only specific websites.

The filter for specific URLs is an efficient feature of the program that allows you to blacklist websites or keywords, so other users will be denied access to the specified websites.

You can create numerous groups with different restrictions, allowing you to quickly assign sets of limitations to specific users.

Advanced control options

User Control 2014 is an advanced and complex application designed to help you keep other users from conducting unwanted actions on your computer. The vast array of limitations that can be set with User Control 2014 makes it a very efficient tool for restricting access to specific features and options.




Salfeld User Control 2015 15.679 inclu Serial Key

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