RollBack Rx Pro 10.4 Build 2700722190 Serial Keygen

RollBack Rx Pro 10.4 Build 2700722190 Serial Keygen


Most, if not all, users have experienced computer freezes or crashes, which lead to losing data, more or less important, depending on everyone’s misfortune.

While it is really helpful to create frequent restore points, sometimes not even these can retrieve the lost data – and this is where RollBack Rx Professional Edition comes in handy.

Create snapshots of your HDD

Basically, this application helps users create comprehensive snapshots of their computer without taking up too much disk space – additionally, the entire process takes little time to complete.

When something goes wrong, you can choose to quickly choose one of the previously created snapshots so as to restore your entire computer to its previous state. Alternatively, you can restore only files and folders from a selected snapshot, or you can simply explore its contents to make sure your documents are safe and sound.

Restore data from created snapshots

When you choose to retrieve certain items from a snapshot, you can specify their filenames, their file types or their location – the last option can come in handy when you do not remember the exact name of your documents, but you do know the name of the folder where you stored them.

In addition, you can also rely on RollBack Rx Professional to automate the process of taking snapshots according to a schedule you set up.

You can also restore your PC to an early state according to a schedule, so as to make sure it is constantly in top shape. You can either rollback to the most recent snapshot or you can set your computer to be restored to a chosen snapshot.

Protect your data with automated snapshots

All in all, RollBack Rx Professional can help you rest assured that your data and your computer are safe at all times, since you can restore to a previous state with great ease. However, a license needs to be purchased if you want to benefit from the app’s functions indefinitely.

Changes in 10.4 Build 2700722190:

  • Supporting Windows 10.
  • Added an option on the new snapshot screen to create new snapshot using Windows Volume Shadow service.
  • Added UseVss=1/0 switch in the setup.ini to set the VSS option.
  • Moved entire license activation process from the Windows service to the subsystem to avoid cracking.
  • Added a check in the subsystem to automatically defrag snapshot when free space is below 10GB.
  • Fixed various compatibiltiy issue reported by customers.
  • Added Turkish language support.


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RollBack Rx Pro 10.4 Build 2700722190 Serial Keygen

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