RoboForm incl Patch

RoboForm incl Patch


AI Roboform Enterprise v7.9.17.5   AI Roboform Enterprise

RoboForm is a powerful application that allows you to store and to manage login information, bookmarks and more useful items in a secure location. The application integrates as a toolbar in the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Save website login info and bookmarks

The most used function of the program is to store website login information. You can add a new item by navigating to a website and entering the username and the password. The browser’s toolbar detects the password field and prompts you to save the password and to store it in the database.

You can also use the program to store bookmarks and to access them from the toolbar. The program allows you to navigate to a bookmark by selecting it from the toolbar.

When you save login information you can open the website and enter the password with just one click. It allows you to bypass the login process and to quickly access the website.

Manage fill forms

To allow the program to fill forms you need to create an identity that includes a wide variety of information from names or the cell number to bank account number or SSN. Nearly all pieces of information you might need to fill an Internet form can be stored in the program. If there is something that the developer missed, you can create your own custom fields.

Save passwords from Outlook or Windows Live Mail

The program can also save passwords from other applications such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail. If it runs the program detects the password fields and prompts you to save the information. Later you can open the application and enter the login information with just one click.

Store data about your contacts in an encrypted database

AI RoboForm includes a Contacts database that can be used to store important information that you want to protect from other users. This is a plus since not all the applications that deal with this type of details have the option to protect them with a password.

Importing feature

If you have a lot of passwords stored in the Internet browsers, the program includes the option to migrate the information. You can import data from other browsers but also from Windows Address Book and from CSV or TXT files.

Support for master password

The information that is stored in the program can only be accessed with the master password that you are prompted to set during the installation of the program. So you can be sure that no other computer user can access your private data.

Online storing options

A very useful feature of the program is to store your information online. This allows you to access the login information from any computer and even from mobile devices. For that you need a paid subscription to an AI RoboForm Everywhere account.

An overall efficient password manager

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet and regularly fill in the same information on different websites, AI RoboForm can help you save time and increase productivity.

Changes in 7.9.17:

  • IE form filler: throw more and better events to emulate human-like form filling.
  • IE: improve auto-submit of forms using new DOM interfaces.
  • Chrome: Fix memory leak on sites based on Telerik Kendo UI.
  • Firefox, Chrome: use the same (more relaxed) criterion for showing AutoSave as in IE.
  • Firefox: implement Common signed XPI for RF on Windows and Mac.
  • Firefox: let RF find 64-bit Firefox, it used to find WaterFox instead.
  • Firefox: fix Firefox shows a error when RF is opening an URL in new tab in some cases.
  • Firefox: fix AutoSave bar in FireFox is too large on high DPI.
  • RF2Go, Firefox: No SDK for FF 42 and newer is available, so allow RF2Go to attach to newer FF.
  • Installer: fix RF items do not appear in Windows 10 search.
  • Editor: fix Ctrl+F hides Safenote search in text bar if it is already shown.
  • Editor: fix RF cannot view/edit Identities downloaded from RFO Web Site.
  • Print List: fix RoboForm prints multiline passcard note as a single line.




RoboForm incl Patch

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