RegexMagic 2.4.0 incl Key Activation

RegexMagic 2.4.0 incl Key Activation

RegexMagic 2.4.0

RegexMagic 2.4.0  RegexMagic v2.4.0

Create regexes the easy way with this particular piece of software that also packs a pretty nice library of predefined actions, fields and patterns

RegexMagic is a lightweight and comprehensive software application that allows you to create regular expressions by taking advantage of some intuitive tools and configuration parameters. It is geared toward experienced users.

Quick setup and user-friendly GUI

Installing RegexMagic takes minimal time and effort. The tool is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface based on a single window split into multiple panels that can be easily navigated. Plus, several regex samples are provided to help you get started.

Build regex using powerful tools

Once you start the customization procedure, you can set the beginning and ending of the regex match, pick the field validation mode and capturing groups, select the type of text to capture (e.g. matched by a field or a range of fields), as well as explore a rich library with predefined actions, fields and patterns, among others.

Configure program settings

The software application is capable of generating snippets in many programming and scripting languages, and they can be immediately pasted into the source code afterward. As far as app customization is concerned, you can visualize spaces and tabs, show line numbers, wrap text, change UI colors, the text cursor shape and blinking, and more.


SEtup.exe + Key

RegexMagic 2.4.0 incl Key Activation

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