Platinum Hide IP [] incl Patch

Platinum Hide IP [] incl Patch

If privacy is one of your main concerns when browsing the web, you should get a dedicated software solution to protect you while online. Besides using the ‘Private mode’ many modern browser come with, you can try an anonymizer service or a proxy server to redirect the traffic. One such dedicated application is Hide IP Speed, the name speaking for itself.

Surf the web the safe way

Hide IP Speed is one of the applications that can do that, while remaining pretty light on computer resources and extremely user friendly. The application is basically an improved version of Hide IP NG that offers a little extra speed.

Simplicity is a flavor that’s actually part of the whole application, as there’s nothing too complicated when it comes to working with Hide IP Speed. It will conceal your real IP address so you can browse the Internet without leaking personal information.

Stays hidden in your system tray

Hide IP Speed doesn’t have an interface, instead you can right-click its tray icon to access the main functions. The ‘Options’ area, though, has its own window with several tabs for configuring the running settings of the application.

Lightweight and easy to use

What we noticed during our tests was a minor slowdown of the Internet connection, but this only depends on the proxy Hide IP Speed connects to. The good thing is that it remains very friendly with computer resources, so it can easily work on older machines too.

In conclusion

All in all, Hide IP Speed does provide a supplemental layer of protection and will keep your personal information away from prying eyes. The IP address will be masked and your browsing session will remain truly private.


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Platinum Hide IP [] incl Patch

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