OpenCanvas 6.0.17 Incl Patch

OpenCanvas 6.0.17 Incl Patch

OpenCanvas.6.0.0OpenCanvas 6.0.17 OpenCanvas v6.0.17

openCanvas is an application for painting originating from Japan. The program is especially popular among cartoonists manga, but not only to them directed. 

Its functions can be successfully used to draw in any style.

We find here the classic tools like pencil, pen calligraphy, watercolors, pastels and oil paints. You can also create your own brushes by changing the parameters of those supplied with the program or use a bitmap as a brush. Interestingly, this program has the ability to colorize characteristically comic way, that is, with typical print raster pattern. openCanvas offers extensive configuration options the shape of the grid, including unusual designs like circles, and the considerable selection of standard: romboidy, dots, circles, checkerboard, mesh, lines etc. openCanvas very well with pen tablet. The tools used in the program are pressure sensitive, so drawing in it is very natural. In the case of drawing with the mouse take advantage of introduced Version 5system to facilitate drawing curves (activate it by setting a brush).

Among the editing tools are of course different types of selection (rectangle, ellipse, polygon and lasso), known from other graphics programs magic wand, fill, gradient, and the combination of selection of fillings, which allows you to automatically fill the area immediately after the selection. We are also at the disposal of the text tool, magnifying glass, bezel (cropping), and the color picker. OpenCanvas huge advantage is the ability to work in layers and using masks. The entire complement a set of basic effects (noise, blur, mosaic etc.) and image enhancing filters (levels, color balance, brightness, contrast) and classic distortion.

In search of inspiration worth a visit to the gallery openCanvas users. There are also specific to the program files “Event” – files of registered progress of creating the illustration. This can be an invaluable aid in drawing science itself. Of course, each user can record and share your own Events. In addition, playback progress can be seen on pages users via the player in Flash technology.



Setup.exe 32 Bit

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OpenCanvas 6.0.17 Incl Patch

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