Office Tab 10.50 Enterprise Edition includ Crack

Office Tab 10.50 Enterprise Edition includ Crack


Office Tab Enterprise is an application that provides users with the possibility to open multiple documents in Microsoft Office at the same time, and to manage them in a tabbed interface.

Fast document management features

With the help of this add-in, users can manage a large number of files at the same time, regardless of whether they are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.

Unlike Office Tab, the Enterprise edition also includes support for Office tools such as Publisher, Access, Project and Visio, which makes it suitable for use in the enterprise environment.

Adding tabs to Microsoft Office makes it easy for users to open, read, edit, and manage multiple documents of the same type at once, while also allowing them to minimize the number of windows that they keep open on their computers.

Open, save and close multiple files simultaneously

The add-in allows users to create document groups and to manage all the files in a group with a single mouse click. Thus, they can open, save and close all documents in a group at once, which can save them time and can improve their efficiency.

Even if the opened documents are not included in a group, they can be saved or closed simultaneously via commands available in the context menu. Additionally, the add-in makes it easy for anyone to rename files without having to use the Save As function.

Easy tab management capabilities

Users can customize the appearance of their tabs by applying various styles and colors to them, and they can also change the position of each tab. Switching between tabs can be done either with mouse clicks or hotkeys.

The tab bar can be hidden to increase the workspace on each document, and users can also set their tabs to feature a fixed length, or to auto-adapt based on the length of the document’s name.

A useful add-in

All in all, Office Tab Enterprise can easily prove a handy add-in for Microsoft Office users working in corporate environments, as it allows them to open and manage multiple documents at the same time from the same window. It includes various bulk action options and also offers a series of interface customization features, for increased convenience.


New features:
1. You can switch among languages directly on the Office Tab ribbon as follows.
2. Add the Close Left feature to the right-clicking menu: you can quickly close all tabs which locate on the left side of current tab.
3. Add the Close Right feature to the right-clicking menu: you can quickly close all tabs which locate on the right side of current tab.

1. Optimize the tab color in Office 2016.
2. Proofreading some interface language items.

1. Fixed: Word will crash with View Side by Side in Word 2013-16 versions.
2. Fixed: Inserting PowerPoint or Excel objects in other Office programs will cause abnormal problem.
3. Fixed: The Publisher icon is displayed as the Access icon in the Tab in Access 2010.
4. Fixed: Language cannot be changed when you clicking Options from the right-clicking menu and try to change the language in the Option setting center in Office 2010.
5. Fixed: The workbooks are modified or not which is not indicating correctly with * mark in Office Tab for Excel 2013-2016.
6. Fixed: Even though the Single-window mode has been enabled in Office Tab for Office 2013-2016, there are multiple Office windows when switching windows by using shortcuts Alt + Tab.
7. Fixed: In some Office applications, Office tab cannot switch among windows after document windows minimizing.




Office Tab 10.50 Enterprise Edition includ Crack

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