NetDrive 2.6.4. build 715 Incl Serial

NetDrive 2.6.4. build 715 Incl Serial

NetDrive 2.6.4. build 715

NetDrive allows you to connect remote (cloud) storage of data including FTP as a local drive to access through the normal conductor.  The utility is useful for users who often work with the data remotely.  Intuitive interface and a good set of features make it understandable and easy to use.
View videos listening to audio and launching applications can be carried out in the same way as with a computer hard drive.  Working with the servers is also very simple once is enough to fill in the necessary information to log and store it as a record.
NetDrive does not load the system but to reveal all its features you need a fast internet access.  The program is intuitive so that it can use even beginners.

Key features and functions of the program
• mapping remote disk as a local;
• Transfer files through a simple drag of the conductor;
• Start with any file as a local drive;
• automatically mount remote disk at startup;

Additional Information
What kind of disk (local or network) to install?

Because of the help of the program NetDrive

“There are two types of disks

– As a network drive (recommended) – connected drive will appear as a network
– As a local drive – connected to the drive will appear as a local

A local disk can be slow when there are many files in subdirectories.  Windows system sends fewer requests to the network drive.

The network drive can not support the editing of MS Office documents directly.  In this case you can use local drive .. ”




NetDrive 2.6.4. build 715 Incl Serial

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