Nero 2016 17.0.04000 : Latest

Nero 2016 17.0.04000 : Latest

Nero 2016 17

Nero 2016 and Platinum 2016 is a comprehensive suite of applications that provide users with the possibility to rip and burn CDs/DVDs, as well as to edit, convert, and play videos, and to backup data and recover lost files when needed.

Manage and convert multimedia files

With the help of this piece of software, users can manage any of their multimedia files effortlessly with the assistance of the Nero MediaHome and Nero MediaBrowser tools included in it. Users can browse through their photos, videos, and music and can manage their files directly from these tools.

Users can take advantage of the integrated Nero Recode utility to convert their videos and DVD and Blu-ray movies to a desired format. The program includes support for a variety of output formats and allows users to select the one they want directly from its main window.

Create videos fast

Nero Platinum makes it easy for users to create video files fast, with the help of Nero Video. Thus, users can transform other multimedia files to slideshows and videos and can also apply various customizations to them with only a few mouse clicks. Its toolbox is enriched by an assortment of effects meant to astonish your audience, also allowing Ultra HD (4K) editing on x64 systems.

The tool allows users to import content from cameras or TVs and can also be used to burn the newly created videos to discs directly from its main window. Furthermore, it can record movies directly to disc if needed.

Burn data to discs

The Nero name is usually associated with programs that can burn data to discs, and Nero Platinum includes such capabilities as well, courtesy of Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express.

Users can create DVD and Blu-ray movies with the help of these tools, as well as audio discs. Moreover, they can create data discs to keep their audio, photo and video files safe, and can also burn documents and other type of data to CDs and DVDs with the use of Nero’s programs.

Backup and recover data

The included Nero BackItUp and Nero RescueAgent provide users with the possibility to backup any files their computers to ensure that they can stay safe even if the hard disk fails. Users can save their files to a separate drive or the cloud, all with only a few mouse clicks.

A comprehensive application

All in all, Nero Premium is a powerful, comprehensive suite of tools that allow users to create videos, manage multimedia files, burn their files to discs, and backup any of their files effortlessly. It includes a separate utility for every operation, each of them easily accessible from the program’s main window.

Download Nero 2016 17.0.04000 : Latest  Nero 2016 17.0.04000 incl Patch


DOWNLOAD : [ Nero 2016 Trial 17.0.04000 and retail Platinum 17.0.04100, Nero 2016 Platinum 17.0.02000 Direct link / Offline Setup Link ]

1. MAIN PACKAGE (Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, Nero MediaHome, Nero MediaBrowser, Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero RescueAgent, Nero Disc To Device, Nero CoverDesigner + Nero ControlCenter + Nero Launcher):
– Nero 2016 17.0.04000 (Trial) (257.46 MB) –…./Nero2016-17.0.04000_nsx_trial.exe (NEW)
– Nero 2016 17.0.04100 (Retail) (257.44 MB) –….Nero2016_Platinum-17.0.04100.exe (NEW)

2. CONTENT PACK (optional – recommended for Nero Video):
– Nero 2016 Content Pack (766.83 MB) –….Nero2016_ContentPack-17.0.00200.exe

3. STANDALONE APPLICATIONS (not needed, because they are already included in the main package):
– Nero CoverDesigner 17 (64.68 MB) –….Nero_CoverDesigner_stub.exe (NEW)
– Nero Burning ROM 17 (Retail) (118.33 MB) –…..Nero_BurningROM2016-17.0.00700.exe (NEW)
– Nero Burning ROM 17 (Trial) (118.33 MB) –….NBR2016-17.0.00600/files/Nero_BurningROM2016-17.0.00600_nsx_trial.exe (NEW)
– Nero Video 17 (Retail) + Nero 2016 Content Pack (910.68 MB) –…..Nero_Video2016-17.0.00600.exe (NEW)
– Nero Video 17 (Trial) + Nero 2016 Content Pack (910.69 MB) –…..NV2016-17.0.00700/files/Nero_Video2016-17.0.00700_nsx_trial.exe (NEW)


– Nero SoundTrax 14 (63.81 MB) –….Nero_SoundTrax.exe (NEW)
– Nero WaveEditor 14 (58.68 MB) –….Nero_WaveEditor.exe (NEW)

– Nero BackItUp 15 (22.92 MB) –…..setup/setup_15.63.1.92_biu.exe (Nero will discontinue Nero BackItUp Online Storage Service)
– Nero DiscSpeed 8 (31.65 MB) –…..Nero_DiscSpeed.exe (very old)
– Nero BurnRights 12 (38.30 MB) –…..NeroBurnRights.exe (unnecessary)
– Nero InCD Reader 5 (17.49 MB) –…..InCDReader- (obsolete)
– Nero SecurDisc Viewer 2 (portable) (2.45 MB) –…..SecurDiscViewer- (a newer version already comes with “Nero Burning ROM”)

5. INDEPENDENT APPLICATIONS (most have separate license not available. Not recommended):
– Nero TuneItUp 2 (12.03 MB) –…..Nero_TuneItUp_free.exe (free version is very limited)
– Audials One 14 (70.79 MB) –….pc-archive/AudialsSetupArchive.exe (the app is good, but has separate license not available)
– Avast Browser Cleanup 10 (3.66 MB) –…..Avast_Browser_Cleanup_setup.exe (only online installer with installation problems)
– Video Downloader Ultimate (1.95 MB) –…..VDU_install.exe (only online installer and bad. Nero link not available)

6. ONLINE INSTALLER (don’t use):
– Nero 2016 Online Installer 17.0.04000 (2.44 MB) –…..Nero2016-03.03.2016_stub_trial.exe (NEW)

7. OLD VERSION (don’t use):
– Nero 2016 17.0.01500 (Retail) (254.58 MB) –…..Nero2016-17.0.01500.exe
– Nero 2016 17.0.02000 (Retail) (254.58 MB) –……Nero2016_Platinum-17.0.02000.exe

– Manuals – (in all available languages)
– Tutorials – (in English)

DOWNLOAD PATCH 2  (New) – Recommended




Nero 2016 17.0.04000 : Latest

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