Mosaizer Pro v12.0 Build 209 Full inclu Keygen

Mosaizer Pro v12.0 Build 209 Full inclu Keygen


Mosaizer Pro is a graphic editor designed to help users apply mosaic effects on the images stored in their computer.

It boasts a clean and straightforward interface that allows you to add a new item to the list by using the built-in browse function. Rookies may opt for a step-by-step approach for editing the photos, while advanced users can skip this step and configure the dedicated parameters directly from the primary panel.
Mosaizer Pro offers support for the following file types: BMP, JPEG and PNG. You can preview the photos in a dedicated pane and select the mosaic size and blending color percentage.

Furthermore, you are allowed to adjust the levels for brightness, contrast, saturation and transparency. It is possible to zoom in or out of the mosaic photos, apply colorizing and blending effects, and upload a background image.

When it comes to configuring the transparency settings, you can change the hue, saturation, lightness, tolerance, and blur levels, and specify the shadow size and depth. The generated images can be saved to the same file formats that can be uploaded to the list.

During our testing we have noticed that the program is able to carry out a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It does not eat up CPU and memory, so it does not hamper system performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.

All in all, Mosaizer Pro helps you apply mosaic effects and other editing tools with ease. It does not come packed with many dedicated parameters and, for this reason it is suitable for less experienced users.



Mosaizer Pro v12.0 Build 209 Full inclu Keygen

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