Maxidix Wifi Suite 14.8.10 Incl Keygen

Maxidix Wifi Suite 14.8.10 Incl Keygen

Maxidix Wifi Suite
Maxidix Wifi Suite is a professional application designed to enable you to monitor your Wi-Fi connections.Maxidix Wifi Suite automatically detects the connections and allows you to easily manage them. Allows you to customize profiles.
FeaturesAutomatic connections to ad hoc networks:
. Easily set up automatic connections to ad hoc networks or Wireless Access Points (WAP) that would automatically connect every time when the needed network or WAP appears nearby to your location.Geolocation:
Detect your current location using the information provided by the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. Wifi Suite gathers the information from the nearby networks and detects your location using Google Geolocation sevice.Fast Connect:
. Speed up the process of connection to Wi-Fi networks up to 6 times. Wifi Suite uses optimized connection algorithm that decreases connection time, especially on connecting to new networks.

Import and Export network profiles:
. Export your Wi-Fi profiles and save them for further use. For example, you can backup and then restore access to known networks after the OS have been reinstalled.

Plenty and accuracy of information:
. Get all the information available about Wi-Fi interface, networks and network profiles. Network signal quality with percentage accuracy and over 80 characteristics of Wi-Fi connections.

Network statistics:
. Be able to view all the processes that uses your Wi-Fi connection and your Internet traffic




Maxidix Wifi Suite 14.8.10 Incl Keygen

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