Kon-Boot 2.5 Retail – Bypass Windows Password

Kon-Boot 2.5 Retail – Bypass Windows Password


Kon-Boot is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows based operating systems. Without overwriting your old password! Easy to use and excellent for tech repairs, data recovery and security audits.

Commercial Kon-Boot version works with both 64-bit and 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems and also include privilege escalation and sticky keys feature.

What’s new in version V2.5?
– Windows 10 support added (local authorization bypass)!
– Fixed few installer issues

System Requirements

Kon-boot supports following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP 32Bit/64Bit (all versions since SP2)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit/64Bit (all versions including EFI)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 32Bit/64Bit (all versions including EFI, local and online authorization)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 32Bit/64Bit (all versions including EFI, local authorization only + possiblity to add local administrator account automatically (USB only))

Additional requirements: Pentium III compatible processor, 10MB free space on the hard drive. CD-ROM, Floppy Drive or USB flash drive, keyboard, Internet connection (for product download). Compatibile BIOS version. Windows system is required for the installation. USB flash drive is required for the EFI version to work. Tablets are not supported. Disk encryption is not supported. All systems requirements as well as installation tutorials can be found in the official technical guide


Kon-Boot 2.5 Retail – Bypass Windows Password

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