KCSoftwares PhotoToFilm (x86/x64) Serial Keygen

KCSoftwares PhotoToFilm (x86/x64) Serial Keygen

KCSoftwares PhotoToFilm (x86/x64)  KCSoftwares PhotoToFilm v3.3.1.83 (x86/x64)

PhotoToFilm is a paid software designed by KC Softwares for Windows-based PCs that allows users to create movies using their photos.

PhotoToFilm features a straightforward interface that requires users to follow simple step-by-step instructions.  Users can customize the movie depending on their preference which includes changing the order of the photos, adding background music and changing the title of the photos.

Users can also specify the type of video output from the list which includes DiVX and MVSC (Microsoft Video). In addition, it features dynamic image support and On Video text insertion, and allows users to burn the converted video in DVD format.

PhotoToFilm is the perfect companion for everyone who uses a digital camera. With PhotoToFilm you can easily make small movies out of your pictures and compress them (ie : using DivX) in order to distribute your production to your friends and relative. PhotoToFilm allows you to add professional looking effects in a few clicks and makes video authoring a game.


  • User friendly interface
  • Makes transitions (such as cross fading) between your photos
  • Features dynamic images support
  • Sound track (MP3) support
  • Supports most popular photos formats (JPEG, Bitmaps)
  • OSD : On Video dynamic text insertion
  • Creates movies using codecs present on your computer (such as DivX)
  • Ability to burn DVDs (requires CopyToDVD)
  • International support
  • And much more





KCSoftwares PhotoToFilm (x86/x64) Serial Keygen

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