JRiver MediaCenter 21.0.29 incl Patch

JRiver MediaCenter 21.0.29 incl Patch

JRiver MediaCenter

JRiver MediaCenter 21.0.29 JRiver MediaCenter v21.0.29

J.River Media Center is a complete suite for managing your media with features to play and organize music, videos, photos and more.

The program allows you to manage your media library and has all the basic features of the most popular media players, including file transfer to external devices (MP3 players, iPod, smartphone) and burning optical media, wizard to create labels cover disc. These features add advanced options for optimization dellaudio output and use contents on external devices such as your TV or home theater system.

Totally customizable
J.River Media Center places a strong emphasis on customization as dallorganizzazione files to the management of sound output. The same media library is available through a custom views, and that is a model of organization data based on criteria selected by the user and showing all the media files already filtered based on those parameters. Another special feature is the party mode that allows you to protect the settings of the program while it is being used by others. Just set a password and enter it to switch from one mode to another and vice versa.

The Management of the Library
for the library management program has the function Smartlist with which you can create dynamic playlists based on a combination of rules given in this way the user can create a list using its parameters (media type, or artist album, but also bit depth, creation date, size and many other criteria). The smartlist are dynamically updated every time you add new files to the library, and the same way you can specify a folder inside of which position the media so that the program also updates the library fully automatically.

J.River Media Center shows a sempilce and intuitive interface, which can be optimized for different types of use including in particular the theater mode, an optimized version for the remote fruition (for example from the sofa) and navigable by remote control rather that mouse or keyboard. It is of course also available in both the traditional compact, ideal for desktop computers, and finally also in mini mode that shows the simple, basic functions occupying minimal visual space on the screen.


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Home Server & Windows 8.1 & 10




JRiver MediaCenter 21.0.29 incl Patch

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