Helicon Filter + loader

Helicon Filter + loader


HeliconSoft Helicon Filter Size 129.69 Mb is a program that is very comfortable, with great editing functions, flexible use interface, optimized for fast preview, context-sensitive help at the bottom to ensure easy handling of photos for non-experienced users. Helicon Filter is built step by step, as the action sequences, will guide you through all the small stage of processing photos. This application has many features as same advanced image processing, which will attract the attention of professional photographers.

          Some of the features of the most interesting and unique:

  • Choice of unique mechanisms of object (optional brush)
  • Filtering dust on the sensor
  • Compensation fog
  • Regulation of the spectral sensitivity of filter used
  • Filter chromatic aberration
  • Vignetting
  • Unique correction tools sound, brightness, color, retouch

          File management:

  • Automatic creation of a copy of the file when you open it for further processing (non-destructive editing). The original image remains unchanged
  • Support for all popular file types including all RAW
  • Fast Browser
  • Operation rotation, copy, delete, move, rename,
  • Full EXIF ​​and IPTC information
  • Support of color profiles

          Noise reduction:

  • Automatic detection of noise
  • Selective noise reduction in highlights and shadows, in defined hue, in various colors
  • Filter dust and dead pixels on the camera sensor
  • Noise Map


  • S-curve brightness or luminance equalizer (the ability to adjust the brightness in a narrow range)
  • Gradient haze compensation
  • The brightness of the light, shadow
  • Contrast, Gamma, Exposure
  • Local Contrast
  • Levels (black point, white point)
  • Helicon Filter loader
  • Adjust the size of the filter zone
  • Exposure warning, showing out of range in the highlights and shadows


  • The white balance in gray and others
  • Active color map and RGB sliders for manual WB
  • Memory colors list (the type of leather, green, sky, etc.)
  • Saturation for bright colors and dull
  • Equalizer for selective saturation
  • Helicon Filter v5.5.4.3 incl loader
  • Spectral sensitivity control shades
  • A large set of customizable Black & white conversion
  • Exposure Warning


  • Reduction of chromatic aberration on high contrast areas (eg sun behind the tree)


  • Fine details extraction
  • Edge sharpening
  • Threshold to keep noise from sharpening
  • White halo control (edging border)
  • Equalizer to sharpen only selected color ranges


  • Correction of vignetting (darken or lighten the corner of the frame)
  • Correction convexity / concavity
  • Perspective correction
  • Rotation, squeezing, stretching
  • Slope, flexible

          Plants / Resize:

  • Presets for popular paper sizes, monitor resolutions, mobile
  • Proportional selection (eg, 2: 3, 3: 4, determined by the user)
  • Mechanisms picture dorisovki when turning corners


  • Quick formation framework
  • Wide range of types and parameters of the frame
  • Capture a color for the frame or select from the palette


  • Brush ‘Delete scratches’ to remove the defects, wires, pimples on the face, etc.
  • Brush ‘Clone’ (analog Photoshop)
  • Brush ‘Change brightness’ to local changes in brightness
  • Brush ‘Change Color’ paint color or color changes locally
  • Brush ‘Change saturation’
  • Brush ‘Blur / sharp’
  • Brush ‘to adjust the sound’
  • Brush ‘Fix’ red eye ”
  • Brush ‘Distort’ to correct prominent ears, face, size and shape of the breast, numbers, and other issues such as
  • Brush ‘Erase changes’ to remove the effects of brush and / or filter before
  • All brushes can be sensitive to the borders and change the hardness (strength from the center to the edge)

Software name: HeliconSoft Helicon Filter v5.5.4.3
Year: 2015
Language: Multilingual + English
Activation: Loader.FIXED-PCL
OS: Windows® 08/10 / 8.1 / XP / Vista / 7




Helicon Filter + loader

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