GoodSync Pro 9.9.30 Serial Keygen

GoodSync Pro 9.9.30 Serial Keygen


GoodSync is an application that can help you backup and synchronize files. When dealing with multiple folders and subfolders, it is important to use dedicated tools for accomplishing various actions in batch mode.

The GUI is not very intuitive, and it may take some time to get an idea of how this program functions, especially if you are a beginner. Basically, the main window is divided into two parts, each dealing with the specified locations.

Once you run the program, you are welcomed to provide a name for the current project, and to select one of the two options available, as you may opt for a backup or a synchronization session. The first one allows users to modify files only in the output directory, and includes hidden and system files by default, while the second mode enables you to change the files on both sides, and excludes files with the aforementioned attributes by default.

It is possible to apply some filters to the synchronization process, as you can exclude or include different items from the list. The log window lists all the events and possible errors about your sessions, and you may export or import the current or all the created projects. Moreover, it keeps log files for both the left and right actions, and this proves to be pretty useful especially if you want to see the changes made to your documents.

Furthermore, before proceeding with the synchronization or backup process, you can enable the analyzing mode, which gives you details about all future changes, errors, included and excluded items.

Not only does this tool allow users to backup and synchronize files from their computer, but it is also possible to carry out the same tasks from a remote workstation via FTP or SFTP, or any two folders located on GoodSync Connect, Windows Shares, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Windows Azure, Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive or WinMobile.

All in all, GoodSync can give you a hand when it comes to synchronizing and backing up files and folders. The program manages to finish a task in reasonable time, and no errors showed up during our testing.

Changes in Version 9.9.30 Sept 16, 2015:

* GoodSync Connect: new GSTP protocol version 3, provides for:
— Faster connection to Server via Forwarder.
— No talkback from Mediator to Server is needed.
— Forwarders are dynamic and can be changed during one session.
— Multiple Official Forwarders can be used, achieving higher speed.
— Faster recovery from Client and Server loss of Internet connection.
* Windows 10: add full support for Windows 10, show correct OS version.
* SyncLib: allow file mod time time translation when file system does not store file mod time correctly.
* WebDAV: fix issues in PROPFIND results parsing that could lead to bad listings.
* OneDrive: new implementation that supports OneDrive API ver 2.0.
* OneDrive: set file mod time on server side using new OneDrive API.
* Amazon S3: circumvent limit on total number of blocks in file uploaded.
* SFTP: do new handshake per RFC 4419, discontinue Diffie Hellman Kex method.
* Google Drive: fix ‘403 Forbidden’ when delete a file/folder that is shared with us.
* On File Change: fix problems in Change detection, when summing up multiple changes.
* Explorer: fix not closing server-side file on Cancel of Upload.
* Explorer and Browse dialog: improve reaction to Stop.
* Linux: fix reading license file, add /profile=folder option to gs-server.
* Enterprise: add Enterprise Runner, a service that runs dispatcher-originated jobs.


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GoodSync Pro 9.9.30 Serial Keygen

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