GoodSync for Windows Enterprise Edition incl Crack

GoodSync for Windows Enterprise Edition incl Crack



Software Version
Official website link
Language Russian English and others.

Treatment Complete
Type of medicine Other

System requirements
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 32bit and 64bit

GoodSync – program in a series of highly reliable convenient and easy to use software from the company Siber Systems – Developer RoboForm.  The program automatically synchronizes and backs up documents photos music files emails.  Synchronization is performed between any of the carriers both connected directly to the computer or through a local area network and the Internet.
Additional Information
The program provides the highest reliability combined with simple-to-use interface to synchronize and backup your emails contacts photos iTunes music MP3 and other important files.  The program automatically synchronizes your important files between desktops laptops servers and external drives over a network or the Internet using innovative algorithms.  Synchronize your files with one click eliminate information clutter and most importantly having peace of mind that your financial documents work files emails contacts photos music files and other data are synchronized and made them back  copy.

Key features
Bi-directional synchronization to prevent data loss
Way Sync for Backup
Syncs not just Windows folder but also FTP WebDAV SFTP
Synchronization with smartphones and PDAs on the Windows platform
Selective File Synchronization
Flexible and Easy Sync Automation

Other features include
Monitoring the file system is not required
Syncing multiple devices providing maximum comfort
Time synchronization file modification FTP
Translation file modification time to not preserve its filesystems
Easily synchronize only the modification time of files
Monitoring in real time
Visualization of changes
Convenience and flexibility of display
Task tab make it easier to work with several tasks
Counters size for each level
Reports on actions and changes
Tags jobs on removable drives
Dialog to facilitate the selection of synchronized folders
Determination of the required free space
Backup over a network via an encrypted channel
Version News for Windows
Version 9.9.48 June 03, 2016
* Browse dialog: If user browses to This Computer in GS Connect then offer to use Local File System.
* Browse dialog: If user selects Disk Root folder, offer to sync to folder inside the root and create it too.
* Windows FS: do not return Not Found on empty disk root folder, it does exist.
* Compare Program spoec: Allow new format — Command line with arguments.
* License: improve license update and management.
* License: print all license bit in Help -> About, without interpretation.
* GSTP: increase session life from 3 hours to 24 hours, as some clients take long time to sync.
* GSTP protocol: allow 64-bit file handles.
The procedure for treatment
Install the program.  In accordance with the bit operating system does not run.
Put the replacement files from Patches for GoodSync x86 or x64 in the installation folder on the default C \ Program Files \ Siber Systems \ GoodSync
Run the program – open the Help menu – enable – to put daw offline activation through the browser – enter any name and any 10 numbers – press further -start keygen – to generate an activation code and paste it into the appropriate program’s window.
For the portable version of the files on a replacement to take a folder Patches for GoodSync to Go and use the keygen.


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GoodSync for Windows Enterprise Edition incl Crack

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