FolderSizes 8.1.121 Enterprise Edition Incl Keygen

FolderSizes 8.1.121 Enterprise Edition Incl Keygen

FolderSizes 8.1.121 Enterprise Edition

With FolderSizes program you can determine the amount of free space on your hard drive.  FolderSizes provides detailed information about the size of folders and files on each hard drive partition.  In addition the program uses the diagram for clarity.  Using this software you will be able to find the files the removal of which will free up space and at the same time will not affect the operating system performance.
Additional Information
The hierarchical structure of the display data (based on technology TreeMap
Integrated Scheduler
Fast multi-threaded file system check
Overview of disk space usage by file type and attributes
The review of the owner and group network and disk space
Command line support
Export reports to HTML XML CSV etc.
Context menu integration to Windows shell
View the total and free space for fixed removable and network drives
Export charts as JPEG PNG BMP or TIFF;
Reporting system for file types that occupy the most space.

What’s new in version 8.1.12h
(Version 8.1.121 Implemented February 6 2016.)

Bug fix Scheduler incorrectly showed “scheduled task names must be unique” error when editing a task.
(Version. 8.1.120 Implemented February 4 2016)Feature FolderSizes installer is now dual-signed with SHA1 / SHA2.
Bug fix Trend analyzer was not correctly handling scan paths with inconsistent termination.
Bug fix Trend analyzer would crash if date / time values were adjusted before data was loaded.
Bug fix Drive space panel right-click context menu was not appearing on Windows XP / Server 2003.

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FolderSizes 8.1.121 Enterprise Edition Incl Keygen

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