FlipBuilder Flip PDF 4.3.25 incl Key

FlipBuilder Flip PDF 4.3.25 incl Key



FlipBuilder Flip PDF – light and easy to use program that allows you to convert your PDF files into a book with page turning effect.  Impress your readers or customers stunningly designed book magazine or booklet online.  The program allows you to convert PDF files to various formats such as SWF FLV EXE HTML.  FlipBook Maker includes more than 20 built-in templates with the ability to create your own you can add the name of the book color background navigation buttons.

It is possible to import photos or images in JPG BMP JPEG PNG musical accompaniment.  Also it allows you to create a book as a screen saver or send e-mail.

Easy Import text from a variety of functions
PDF file Convert into e-book with the effect turns the page with support for Adobe © Flash®.
Batch convert PDF files to one or more e-books to turn the pages.
Use the command line.
Free use of the service to view files and automatically create books.
to manage the Project panel for easy opening or saving your project.
Import bookmarks (content) from a PDF file and manually edit them.
Import hyperlinks of PDF files including links to web sites pages and e-mail addresses.
Import text searchable define the minimum number of search characters.
Add watermarks images changing the date / time in the text of the e-book to turn the pages.
Definition of quality and size for the desktop and mobile versions.
Identify landscape pages to create page spreads.

Customizable Output Method and Format Text
Publication of books online (or batch download books) via download services FlipBuilder.  Placing the books on the bookshelf with built-in basket.
Wide range of formats HTML EXE Zip Mac App FBR mobile version and recording on CD.
HTML allows you to upload a book to a website for viewing online (with title keywords and other metadata).  And you can add the Google Analytics tracking code to display book pages.
EXE allows you to view the finished book on a Windows computer.
ZIP allows you to save all the files and folders of the book in a zip archive (easily send e-mail and read offline after unpacking or read in the archive with free reader Flip Reader).
App (Mac Application) – is an executable application on the Mac.
FBR – a specially designed format for reading with a free program for reading Flip Reader you can easily send e-mail and read offline.
version for mobile devices used to view HTML books on mobile devices through browser (supports one-page presentation on mobile devices).
Burn to CD allows you to burn a CD to send a physical copy of your publication to users for viewing on your computer (the ability to set up automatic preview).
Placing a book turns the page on your FTP server.
Create a * .scr format to be used as a screensaver.
Placing and sending books by address and select “Send”.
Saving books as a WordPress plugin and accommodation in WordPress.
Placing the book in Joomla module.
Creating a Drupal module for insertion by Drupal website.

Important You can set a password to protect (with the possibility of disconnection date) in installations for the EXE and ZIP archives.  In addition you can add information about the company in the original version of the archive EXE.

Setting up pre-designed templates
Download a variety of templates.
The use of ready-made or downloaded online templates images backgrounds and plugins.
Adding a plug-in to turn the pages of a book a banner rotation news news ticker photo slider scroller music player YouTube banner etc.
Tips from the Help and tips to improve your scroll book record or paste sounds.
Adding HTML header in Float template on which you can go to the website.
Adding images or Flash logo to place before the books in Float template header.
Manual Tuning sized book edges and text colors.
Modify existing icons in Icon Flash file.
Adding new icons to call new actions to the toolbar.
Set background color and image.
Add background music (or continuous playback at a set time).
Setting the reading direction (from right to left for Arabic).
Choice of cover for eBooks.
Selecting fonts to the bookmarks bar and Flash.
Export bookmarks edited as a text file for later import and use.
ustavnovki page number at the top or at the bottom in Float template setting the home page.
Selecting a picture flash preloading for your book.

Customize Toolbar
Add lines text links images videos (including videos from YouTube & and Vimeo) flash or sound files.
Add a button on the page to open the link call the javascript Flash and video playback in a popup window.
Adding deleting and sorting order of the reorganization of pages in the window Edit Pages.
Export projects added to the edit page window such as links the swf movies for future importirovainya and use.
Determining the language for your e-book to turn the pages language switching.
Set a password for your e-book.
The different browser engines for special PDF files SWF GPL Ghostscript or Inner Library.
Google Analytics Support.
Adding a watermark or SWF to display the printed pages.
Adding settings to manually determine the content using images and SWF.
Addition of a single page / dvustranichnogo browsing.
Add Minime Style to view the book turns the page with no toolbar.
Set permissions for downloading printing placement in social networks etc.
Manual editing of bookmarks and setting position (left or right) the bookmarks bar.
Setting export and save for future use functions.
Save and load your project.
Creation of a digital library for storing and managing e-books published on FlipBuilder server.

Readers of your e-book to turn the pages will be able to
turn the pages by dragging the corner of the page clicking the page shadow mouse wheel etc …
Use the buttons Previous Next First and Last Page icons or to navigate through the pages.
View important pages first without waiting for the download of the page.
Automatically turn the page.
view the e-book to turn the pages in full screen mode.
Add comments or shapes for text selection.
Print an entire e-book or selected pages.
Download an e-book or other file while reading a book.
Increase or decrease the double-click.
To place a link to the e-book via email Facebook Twitter Google Yahoo etc.
Enable or disable the background sound.
Open your browser to a specific page by adding a link to the page pointer.  For example yourdomain.com/index.html?pageIndex=4.
Show book in Minime style when you add the parameters in the URL.  For example – yourdomain.com/index.html?alwaysMinimeStyle=true.
view books turns the page in the browser on the Mac PCs iPad iPhone and devices with Android.

Title: FlipBuilder Flip PDF v4.3.25

Home page http://www.flipbuilder.com

Download http://www.flipbuilder.com/download/flip-pdf.exe


FlipBuilder Flip PDF 4.3.25 incl Key

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