FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918 : Latest

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918 : Latest

FlashFXP 5.2

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918

FlashFXP offers the easiest and fastest way to transfer any file using FTP, providing an exceptionally stable and robust program that you can always count on to get your job done quickly and efficiently. It allows you to transfer files from any FTP server directly to your local hard drive, or transfer files between two ftp sites (Site-to-Site transfers), giving you total control over any situation. It has an intuitive and full featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks. It also support full drag & drop, so you can transfer files, synchronize folders, find files and schedule tasks with just one click.

FlashFXP supports multiple transfer types, be them PC to Server, Server to PC or FTP server to FTP server sessions, but, at the same time, it can also schedule tasks for managing transfers, even if the user is not in front of the monitor.

Connecting to a remote server can be done in a matter of seconds with the ‘Quick Connect’ feature. However, during our tests the only way we could establish multiple simultaneous connections was to open several instances of the application.

FlashFXP offers an impressive list of options that can be tweaked so you can set rules for file transfers, filter file extensions, create priority or skip lists, manage sites and detailed information regarding each of them.

The software also comes with a set of handy tools like a text editor to open files straight from the server without downloading them. With FlashFXP you can compare folder content, schedule tasks, backup and import configuration settings and much more.

Overall, the strong feature pack and the highly customizable settings that can be configured with minimal effort make FlashFXP one of the top choices in its category.

Changes in 5.2.0 Build 3918:

Download FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918 : Latest  FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918 incl Patch v5.2.0.3918


Download Setup.exe
Download Setup.exe| Portable

Patch (working)

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918 : Latest

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