EvoCreo 1.3.5 APK+MOD incl Cracked

EvoCreo 1.3.5 APK+MOD incl Cracked

aSzzXlS386h5tr2ZWJ59Juazhh-FgZ9yYw9xbrAgMxNZDqZwu9tQbHlGa49eEvoCreo 1.3.5      EvoCreo v1.3.5

Explore a Massive Open World!
No Energy Bars, No Waiting!
Embark on a journey through the world of Zenith. Become the top Evoker by capturing and battling over 130 kinds of Creo!

Test yourself in the Arenas, and work your way up to the Coliseum! On the way, you’ll be fighting the sinister plot of the nefarious organization, Shadow Hive!

  • Over 130 monsters to capture & evolve!
  • Fully animated monsters and characters
  • A massive open world to explore where Creo roam
  • An epic adventure over 40 hours long
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Challenge other Evokers and become the ultimate Evoking Master!
  • Customize your Creo’s moves, traits, and abilities to suit your very own strategy!

Do you have what it takes to be an Evoking Master?

What’s in this version :

  • -Added text translation for Spanish, Chinese(Simple), Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Indonesian. We are working on more translations for next month.
  • -Added a new expansion: Assault on Shadow Hive base! Can be purchased from the store.
  • -General bug fixes



K_9gWhcKvrnmawCrm8541IJUDg3J8byyH4VJ9jreA4UjaOb_wd98-gy2uABh1 aSzzXlS386h5tr2ZWJ59Juazhh-FgZ9yYw9xbrAgMxNZDqZwu9tQbHlGa49e


EvoCreo 1.3.5 Cracked APK (39.7 Mb)

EvoCreo 1.3.5 MOD APK (39.9 Mb)

EvoCreo 1.3.5 APK+MOD incl Cracked

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