EaseUS EverySync 3.0 Serial Key

EaseUS EverySync 3.0 Serial Key


EaseUS EverySync is a reliable program that allows you to quickly duplicate and store the data from a local folder, cloud account or FTP location. The software features a friendly GUI, it is easy to use and is suitable for performing large file transfers in a short time. The transfer can be done one-way to two-way.

Sync files from local folders or from local network

EaseUS EverySync is a simple to use utility, dedicated to copying files from one location onto another. The application can facilitate the file transfer or creating a backup for your important data, in the selected location. It features three sync modes, namely My computer/Network shares, Cloud Connection or FTP Connection.

When installed, EaseUS EverySync creates a dedicated folder, which can serve as destination for all file transfers, however, you may easily select a different directory. All you need to do is select the source location, on your computer or from the local network, then start the synchronization. By default, the process is performed in both ways.

Cloud and FTP connections

EaseUS EverySync is also suitable for copying the contents of the indicated cloud folder onto your computer. The application supports connecting to OneDrive (SkyDrive), Google Drive or Dropbox cloud accounts. Once the link is established, the application is granted access to the data stored in the cloud and the folder structure is displayed in the desktop UI.

Synchronizing files over FTP is also supported and the software allows you to select one of the available modes: FTP, SFTP over SSH, Explicit FTPS or Implicit FTPS (SSL/TLS). You need to provide the computer name or IP address, the port and enter the authentication credentials.

Quick file synchronization tool

EaseUS EverySync facilitates file synchronizing, on demand. The software provides you with the means to backup an important folder, network location or cloud directory. Moreover, you can create a FTP connection and synchronize the dedicated folder with the selected location, within seconds.

EaseUS EverySync 3.0 Serial Key

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