CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 15.0.2211.58 Retail Serial Keygen

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 15.0.2211.58 Retail Serial Keygen


PowerDVD Ultra is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software functioning as a professional media player, providing you with options for playing Blu-Ray, 3D and HD videos on various devices, such as computers, tablets, television sets or smartphones.

Rich options and configuration settings

Thanks to the advanced functions it offers, you can easily improve the quality of the video and image files you want to display using features that enable you to smooth out scene movements, or to automatically adjust the color, contrast and brightness levels in order to enhance the level of detail visible in the movie.

Extensive file type support

PowerDVD Ultra supports a wide array of video, audio and image formats, including MKV, AVCHD content from disc, FLAC music files or RAW photos. Moreover, it allows you view media from YouTube, Flickr or Facebook.

Media library with favorite items

An interesting feature of PowerDVD Ultra is the media library. This can be used to import all your movies and other files from your hard drive, so can easily explore it and choose what to play. In addition, the items here can be shared with friends and family via DLNA networks or mobile devices. The contents are grouped in four categories, depending on their format.

As such, there is a section containing videos from various discs, while the movie library contains the files from your computer. The photos category enables you to display all the pictures in a slideshow, while from the music tab, you can browse through the records and play whichever you want.

Overall, an all-around media player with bonus features

The many utilities and video enhancement features provided by PowerDVD Ultra make it a great media player that you can use with confidence when you want to watch your favorite films in high definition or simply listen to music.


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This is to those who unable to activate it using keygen by core.

If you wish to do a clean install of build 2003.  Here are the steps to activate it using the keygen by CORE which i always used. Please have it ready. You can search it in the forum if   you dont have..

For clean install:
1. Uninstall  previous version powerdvd15 using Windows Uninstall.
2.  Go to these directories to delete the left over using uninstall tool like REVO, CCleaner, etc
– C:\ProgramData\PDVD\*.ve2
– C:\ProgramData\Cyberlink\PowerDVD15
– C:\ProgramData\CyberLink\BDNAV
– C:\ProgramData\Cyberlink\Evoparser\PowerDVD
– Check registry of POwerDVD reference in HKLM/HKCU and delete it.
3. Edit host file add  Save and Make host file read only.  Restart PC.
4. After restart.  Disable realtime protection using AV , windows defender, mbam, etc. temporarily.
5. Run powerdvd ultra build 2003 installer  ( no need to be in offline mode) and install the application.
6. After install,  do not launch program yet! ( Important)
7. Run Keygen by CORE.  , Click serial button, choose what serial you want.  Copy the serial but do not close keygen.
8.  Now, Run PowerDVD15, a serial prompt will show, Paste the serail key to the box.  The next dialog shows activation box for ultra.
9. After successful activation, configure the following settings
–  Do not redeem cloud service –> later
–  Do not join expereince dialog
–  Registration skip later, etc.
10.  Now, In movies label, highlight it, go to settings icon, look preferences –> Homemedia for DLNA, its in the first tab (Access Control), below the first tab, there is a 2 small box , check the 2nd box and below the 2nd box there is again, 2 choice dots, make sure the first dot is selected. Click ok or apply button
11.  if the new activation dialog box prompts you to activate features, click on “i dont have an internet connection”,  another dialog box will appear after that , the first box shows the activation link/url.  copy that link, make sure no spaces. Now paste that link to the core keygen which is still running.  You will notice the the first textbox of core showing Activation URL, thats where you paste the activation URL, below it, is the serial you used to activate it on first screen prompt.  After pasting the activation url to keygen.  There is a button there in core keygen which shows Activation Code. Click that and you will have your activation code on the 3rd text box of coinciding with your serial.  Now copy the activation code and go back to the activation dialog of powerdvd.  At the 3rd/last textbox/line is an instruction to place your activation code.  Paste the code to that empty textbox and click OK. Now you have activated it.
12.  In case , no activation dialog shows in #11 after doing #10.  This is what you have to do.
13. Get a USB external drive and insert it in your USB, go to devices(DLNA) on the left corner of the main screen of PowerDVD, your drive will be autodetected, click on it then in the     right corner, click “SYNC”  an activation dialog will open so do the same steps i wrote in #11. ( Note : if you have previously activated it, this will no longer prompt.)
14. After activating it successfully. Close POWERDVD. Go to C:\Program Files X86\Cyberlink\PowerDVD15 for (x64).  Under the powerdvd15 folder, look for the folder Trial, now rename the    trial folder to #Trial# or whatever you like.  Open PowerDVD program again, if it opens, then your fine. Close the powerdvd program and you may now delete the trial folder.
15.  Restart PC.

Note:  Using core keygen  , does not fix the activation for BD-LIVE Network, this seems to communicate to cyberlink server and check the serial key. Genuine or Cracked.  (bug? Cyberlink   forum no fix yet) However, you will still be able to play your Bluray 3D but cannot view/download BD special content.

Nevertheless, most functions will work.

I hope guys this will help you out.

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 15.0.2211.58 Retail Serial Keygen

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