Context Menu Manager 2016.1 incl Keygen

Context Menu Manager 2016.1 incl Keygen


Context Menu Manager 2016 1  Context Menu Manager 2016.1  Context Menu Manager 2016 v1

A reliable and intuitive file associations management utility and context menu customization tool that allows you to change items in the right-click menus

The context menu is tweakable but not many users are familiar with the steps for making the necessary modifications in order to improve overall productivity.

Context Menu Manager is a collection of utilities bent on providing the necessary means to customize the file association on the system as well as to enrich the context menu for files and folders with new entries.

Overwhelming interface

No installation is required to run the application; just extract the archive and double click the CMM executable file.

All elements in the interface are neatly organized, which makes finding the right sections an easy task. Nevertheless, all the details present may be overwhelming for the average user but should be no problem for the seasoned one.

Modules and functionality

The file association manager permits reassigning file formats with different programs and offers the possibility to change the shell context menu entries.

Another module permits adding new entries in the context menu for files and folders for quicker launching of programs.

Additional functionality is available through the possibility to add new entries to the context menu of My Computer for quick rebooting or shutting down of the computer or for launching various programs available in the operating system (Notepad, Calculator, Paint, Command Shell).

Alternatively, you can create a mixed menu that includes “copy”, “move” and “send to” commands.

Working with Context Menu Manager is not an easy task since there is no documentation available and the user has to be familiar with how the context menu functions. On the other hand, there are plenty of options that can improve productivity and make working with the computer a more comfortable experience.




Context Menu Manager 2016.1 incl Keygen

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