Comfort Keys Pro 7.4.0 Serial Reg Key

Comfort Keys Pro 7.4.0 Serial Reg Key


Even though your desktop provides enough space to store shortcuts for nearly every application you might need, the risk exists that one day it fills up and it gets time-consuming just to locate items of need. Luckily, Comfort Keys Pro gives you the possibility to attribute a custom combination of keys to as many actions as you need done.

Manage clipboard entries with an advanced editor

The application does not come in a package that catches your attention with any particular visual details. However, popping the hood unveils its true potential, hidden in the form of various tools to make comfort something more than just feeling good while sitting in your chair.

One of the features it prides itself with is an advanced clipboard manager. Once you copy literally anything, it gets stored in a customizable database. Taking a little time to browse through the dedicated window lets you attribute a combination of keys to any entry, arrange them in favorite categories, as well as change the color they appear enlisted in.

Turn your keyboard into a powerful tool

Accessing the keyboard shortcuts settings brings up even more customization options. The provided interface is rather easy to use. You spend most time creating and remembering combination of keys and what they trigger.

A text field lets you add buttons you wish to combine. These appear highlighted on an virtual keyboard to better visualize the created shortcut. A drop-down menu is home to all actions you can attribute shortcuts to. You are able to simply insert a piece of text wherever needed, launch an application, activate any of your computer’s power options and even trigger a recorded keystroke macro.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Comfort Keys Pro is a powerful tool which, if properly set, can not only provide what the name suggests, but also save you a great amount of time in repetitive tasks. It lets you program as many actions as the possible number of button combinations. Don’t waste your time to do the math, but save it by giving this application a try.




Comfort Keys Pro 7.4.0 Serial Reg Key

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