CloneBD Incl Patch

CloneBD Incl Patch


CloneBD is a bundle of advanced functions for video converting, DVD/Blu-ray ripping, burning or copying. The software allows you to manage several types of video files, including HD formats or special clips, suitable for playback on mobile devices. Moreover, the software features a YouTube content downloading function.

Video disc manager

CloneBD can handle DVDs and Blu-ray discs in equal measure, allowing you to extract contents from them, then save it to a local folder or to another disc. The software allows you to view the disc structure, preview the entire video/movie/clip and select either chapter or group of clips. It is capable of extracting the content of DVDs/Blu-rays and instantly converting it to the desired format, or burning it onto another disc. Video and audio formats are supported for output files.

The software can create a video/audio disc and burn a large series of file formats onto it, adding custom made menu designs and animations. Alternatively, when copying information from one disc onto another, it also allows you to create an ISO file. This option requires that you are equipped with two or more disc drivers.

Video editor

The software features several functions that allow you to handle video files from your computer. Thus, you may easily convert clips, merge files and separate large videos in two or more clips. You may set the output format, codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, as well as audio options. Best, Normal, Low or Custom options profiles are available for you to select.

CloneBD also allows you to edit the playback image, movie duration, add watermark, crop video or add 3D effect. You may enhance the image brightness, saturation, contrast or zoom. Additionally, you can download YouTube content and save it to your computer as video or audio files.

Intuitive dashboard

CloneBD features a simple to use interface, with easily accessible functions and allows you to create custom settings profiles. These configurations can be applied to all the files in the list or only to the currently selected ones. Moreover, the software offers video previewing functions at each step of the process.

Changes in

  • new: directly burn folder/ISO to disc/ISO: when creating 1:1 copies to ISO or disc without video or audio compression the source is directly burned/assembled without intermediate transcoding.
  • new: after failed burn, allow to retain temporary files for later (re-)processing.
  • new: more support for home-made movies
  • new: more support for Blu-rays created by Nero
  • new: new format of AC-3 encoding
  • new: more support for PAFF encoded AVC streams
  • new: less memory consumption when transcoding
  • change: speed of filmstrip snapshot generation increased greatly
  • change: reduce the minimum allowed bitrate for HEVC by 30%
  • Fix: menu creation could fail in combination with unfavorable timing.
  • Fix: update device dialog did not flag outdated device profiles correctly and continued to offer “updates”, that have already been made.
  • Fix: selecting a new disc for processing after completing a transcode could cause a crash
  • Fix: secondary video stream may not be copied correctly
  • Fix: lossless transfer of VC-1 was broken for interlaced video
  • Fix: audio decoding of some DTS-HD HRE streams
  • Fix: tags in matroska are now written in correct order
  • Fix: tags in mov/mp4 now conform to ISO 14496-14
  • Fix: some heap corruption
  • minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages





CloneBD Incl Patch

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