BuildBox 2.1.1 incl Crack Activator

BuildBox 2.1.1 incl Crack Activator


A piece of software that is designed to allow anyone to create and publish games for PC and mobile devices

Creating a game is never easy no matter what anyone says. Or, it can be, but you don’t get something good enough. However, there are means that can simplify the process of creating a game. Or in Buildbox’s case, oversimplify it.

Buildbox is a tool created especially for those who don’t have any programing skills but want to create games. It uses a proprietary game engine and a user-friendly interface to offer an inviting game development environment.
It’s not self-explanatory on its own, but it comes very close

Buildbox comes with a graphical user interface that you can refer to as minimalistic. That is if you compare it to one of the big boys in game development. Having less to confuse you with, Buildbox makes it all that much easier to understand how it works, what it can do, and ultimately how you can do it.

There is no real degree of difficulty to using Buildbox but if you expect to open it and start creating you might be a tad overenthusiastic. The app is very easy to use but if you don’t go through the documentation at least once, you’ll just waste a lot of time figuring things out on your own. Not that it’s complicated to do so, but when you have plenty of well-presented tutorials, why use time inefficiently?
A very good place to start with game development

Buildbox comes with appealing main features. Apart from ease of use, it provides the smooth Infinity Engine, level creation, full monetization means, exporting to all the popular platforms and even throws in a few effects for kicks. The app provides the basics and a lot more on top of that, all of which are excellent to have if you’re considering a path into game development.

Now, that game development bit is a bit stretched because there is just one big issue regarding Buildbox. You pay for the app itself, for what it can do with the things you feed it. Getting the pieces you need to build the game is a different story all on its own, you have to either design them or pay someone else to fabricate them. Of course, stealing is frowned upon.

Buildbox is a great place to assemble stuff into a game, but it’s not a design tool.
A few cons but a lot of pros for this indie-friendly tool

On a closing note, Buildbox is by all means a great tool to have if you want to get into the indie/mobile gaming world. It has all the right stuff to make things simple while still featuring the required tools and technicalities that enable you to offer quality with your games.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (or AMD equivalent)
  • 200MB free disk space (for the software only)
  • 1GB RAM

Download Setup:

BuildBox 2.1.1 incl Crack Activator

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