AVG Internet Security 2016 16.0 Build 7294 Serial Keygen

AVG Internet Security 2016 16.0 Build 7294 Serial Keygen


Essential protection that won’t get in your way! If you use your computer every day, you need protection that’s always there, constantly keeping you safe. With AVG Anti-Virus, you get hassle-free protection against today’s most sophisticated threats, online and offline. AVG Anti-Virus includes our unique LinkScanner to prevent you from accidentally visiting harmful sites. It’s faster, smarter security that won’t slow you down. AVG Antivirus is one of the most complete programs we have found to date. It includes many new options to make it one of the most effective virus scanners on the market. It is still plagued by horrible slowdowns at times. Even things so simple as just typing an IM can be stopped for several seconds for some reason. If you can get passed the occasional slowdowns of your computer, the scanning functionality of AVG Antivirus is top of the line. With the rewrite of the scanning engine, AVG includes multi-processor support.

Customizable installation

The setup procedure is reasonably fast. AVG gives users the possibility of excluding any components from the installer when it comes to the email protection, identity, web browsing, firewall and PC Analyzer components (along with additional languages aside from English).

The email shield handles incoming and outgoing emails for spam and other malicious activity, while the identity module monitors the behavior of all running processes to determine whether they intend to steal the user’s identity or not. PC Analyzer is a bonus feature that scans the computer for registry errors, junk files and broken shortcuts.

Modern and user-friendly interface

AVG keeps the same interface in all three products of its lineup, adopting a predominantly green theme and flat look. Large buttons provide immediate access to all primary components, and users may easily go back and forth through each panel. An important aspect worth taking into account is that it is possible to explore Internet Security even when it’s busy with a task.

Multiple scanning methods and rich customization settings

Different levels of scanning can be run, depending on the user’s preferences. The factory configuration is set with optimized settings by AVG’s own recommendations, but advanced users are free to tinker with these options in detail, such as PUP and spyware reports, archives, tracking cookies, file exceptions, rootkit detection, heuristics, scan priority level (to favor either speed or resources consumption), and so on.

Performance and conclusion

Users may decide for themselves whether they want the av utility to be quick or thorough, as well as to pick speed over resources usage or the other way around. When it comes to malware detection ratio and scanning speed, Internet Security does not disappoint. Overall, users probably find the app’s extra layers of security to their liking.


Download | Anti-Virus (Online Installation)
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Download | Internet Security (Online Installation)
Download | Internet Security (Offline Installationx86)
Download | Internet Security (Offline Installationx64)

Download | AV Free (Online Installation)
Download | AV Free (Offline Installationx86)
Download | AV Free (Offline Installationx64)



AVG Internet Security 2016 16.0 Build 7294 Serial Keygen

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