Adguard Premium 6.1.331.1732

Adguard Premium 6.1.331.1732

Software version 6.1.331.1732
Official website link
Interface language Russian English and other

Treatment Included
Type of medicine patch

System requirements
Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Internet Connection

Adguard – Internet filter to protect users from dangerous websites blocking all possible types of advertising on the Internet.  The program is an excellent addition to your basic anti-virus protection with effective blocking of malicious fraudulent and phishing resources and parental control over the online activity of children.  Web protection works with all web browsers effectively blocking Internet threats by updating the database daily with the largest resources of Google Safe Browsing Web of Trust (WOT) and Malwaredomains lists.
The main components and functions of Adguard
• Antibanner
• Antiphishing
• Anti-tracking
• Parental control
• Safe search
• Password protection
• Solutions for social networks and video advertising
• Browser Extensions
• Manual Assistant
• Journal monitoring and statistics
• Localizations and regional filters
• 24-hour technical support
• Daily updates of blacklist databases

Main features of Adguard
• Protect users from scams viruses and Internet tracking.
• Providing maximum comfort when using the Internet by eliminating intrusive advertising information.
• Verify the web pages that children visit and block unsafe inappropriate resources and sites for adults.
• Saves time / money and traffic by accelerating the loading of web pages by blocking advertisements even before the sites start downloading.

Changes in version 6.1.331.1732
Compatibility with KIS / ESET # 1565.  You can safely run Adguard in parallel with KIS ESET and other antiviruses without fear of stumbling upon the “blue screen of death” or other unpleasant surprises.
-Compatibility with Chrome 59 # 1597.  Thanks to this fix Adguard can work without problems in new (59) versions of Chrome.
Changed The search criteria for the filtering log # 1513
Modified The connections using DH1024 # 1616 are now disabled
Changed Updated HTTPS exclusion list by default # 1618
Fix Adguard Service continues to download data after browser close # 1599
Fixed Error occurred when adding a filter by URL # 1583

Treatment procedure
1. Install the program (on behalf of the administrator).
2. Run the patch (Patch.exe from any location on behalf of the administrator)
3. After the automatic restart of the service and the program go to the general settings of Adguard
4. Delete the registered IP port login and password for the proxy server
5. Select “Use proxy server settings” Download
6. Select the language you want (the patch changes the language of the program to English)
7. After the automatic restart the program is ready to work.

Thanks ower_xz!

Adguard Premium 6.1.331.1732

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