Adguard 2016 Ads blocker Incl Key

Adguard 2016 Ads blocker Incl Key

 Adguard 2016 Ads blocker

Adguard 2016 – a unique tool for the protection of various types of advertising, as well as virus attacks that are so common on the Internet. Blocking by this program makes it possible to relieve the user from viral advertising and pop-ups when he travels across the network.Adguard includes the following tools: antibanner, parental control, ad blocking, anti-phishing, and other tools that make life easier and safer.

The Adguard better than usual Adblock?
Common blockers implemented as a browser extension while Adguard operates at the network layer and is not subject to all the restrictions imposed on their browser extensions.


Normal Adblock

Lock requests for promotional materials

The basis of the work of any ad blocker – the ability to block requests from the web page of the promotional materials (banners scripts).

Cosmetic treatment of the page

In order to hide the broken and blocked items need more cosmetic treatment of the page with CSS.

Filtering of HTML-code site

Adguard works at the network level so most of the promotional items cut from the code before the page is received by the browser.  This speeds up the loading of websites as the browser to stop wasting time to do many advertising needs.

Work in all browsers

Firefox Chrome Yandex browser Internet Explorer whatever browser you may use Adguard works in all.

Anti-viral advertising

Adguard checks each network request on the basis of more than 1 500 000 phishing and malware sites.

Filtering advertising applications

Irritating advertising in Skype uTorrent and other applications?  Just turn them on filter settings Adguard.

Support 24 × 7

At any time of day or night our engineers are ready to answer your questions and help to solve any problem.


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Adguard 2016 Ads blocker Incl Key

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