Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.0.1 Retail

Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.0.1 Retail

Abelssoft Backup 2016.6.0.1 Retail Abelssoft Backup 2016 v6.0.1 Retail Abelssoft Backup v6.0.1 Retail
Abelssoft Backup 6.0.1 Retail

Meet Abelssoft Backup – a program for creating backup copies of individual documents, folders and other files, and full system. More to read about this a good program and download  Abelssoft Backup possible.


 The program interface is nice and fairly simple: after you start it immediately prompts you to create a job for backup. And you can select individual or office documents \ multimedia files (from a preset), or make a backup disk partition, or choose files and folders.



 It requires predustanovlennnaya .NET Framework 3.5, well, it was worth every, if not, you can doustanovit. Russian language in the program is, but he nedopereveden unfortunately (and, therefore, it automatically selects the English), in this case the program has a module for self-transfer. 
You can also configure a backup schedule is maintained and an incremental or differential backup, you can set a password to created image, view it and stuff.

  In general, the work program is no different in this respect from peers.  Provided and work with backup disk using the Live CD from the manufacturer, you can download it or from the interface, or here.  If you want to make a complete copy of the system drive (running ” on board “), you then need to use this Live CD. It is small in size, have not tried, but I think it is possible to write down the stick.  Here’s a good program for the backup, and try to set aside their views on it.
Title Release: Abelssoft.Backup.2016.6.0.1.Retail 
Developer: Abelssoft
Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.0.1 Retail

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