Diskeeper 15 Professional 18.0.1104.0 incl Patch

Diskeeper 15 Professional 18.0.1104.0 incl Patch


Diskeeper 15 Professional 18.0.1104.0  Diskeeper 15 Professional v18.0.1104.0  Diskeeper Professional 18.0.1104.0   Diskeeper Professional 18.0.1104.0

Prevent memory defragmentation on your computer and maintain its performance at an optimal level with this complex piece of software

Diskeeper Professional is a powerful defragmentation tool that you can use to reorganize space on the hard drive, and ultimately improve your computer’s performance.

After a brief installation process, you probably notice that Diskeeper bears a resemblance to Windows’ Disk Defragmenter. If you already feel lost in the interface, just enable Quick Launch Pane in the toolbar to get started with a guide, Diskeeper overview, FAQs or help.

The toolbar also allows you to view configuration properties, file exclusions, power management, Volume Shadow Copy, proxy settings, permissions, new volume detection and others.

Here, you can change the automatic defragmentation options (efficient or extensive), manual defragmentation options (quick or recommended – a balanced mix of file defragmentation and free space consolidation), large file defragmentation options, and CPU priority (from the lowest one to the highest).

Before processing a volume, you should perform an analysis to view what you are up against. An automatic defragmentation maximizes the performance of volumes, while consuming resources that are not already in use by other processes.

In addition, a manual defragmentation is quicker but less effective than the automatic one, and boot-time defragmentation focuses on files that cannot be safely moved while Windows is running.

Furthermore, ‘IntelliWrite’ is a special feature of Diskeeper that prevents fragmentation from occurring on all volumes where it is enabled.

You can also schedule defragmenting tasks on a regular basis, so you will not have to configure them each time.

Diskeeper may take a long while to complete a task (according to the options you set), but it is very efficient, and generally uses a small amount of memory resources.All in all, Diskeeper Professional is a must-have asset for any computer. It can definitely make your job easier when it comes to system maintenance.




Diskeeper 15 Professional 18.0.1104.0 incl Patch

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