CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.7123.0 – Keygen

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.7123.0 – Keygen


Photo editing is a plus for those that really consider to be photographers. Not only does it help correct some errors that might appear to be unnoticeable before a picture is taken, but also add some finishing touches, and emphasize certain aspects that the end viewer should firstly see. Amongst various application with which this can be achieved, counts CyberLink PhotoDirector.

Inspiring visuals to charm your eyes

The application’s designers effort is really noticeable once you run it. Everything fluently moves around at your mouse click, and the clever arrangement of menus, and buttons give it a clean look, and make it a pleasant workspace for you to edit photos. Everything you want to work with is located in a tab at the bottom of the main window, whereas to the left you have all the necessary tools, making the center, your own virtual canvas.

A large pallet of options

CyberLink PhotoDirector puts at your disposal a breathtaking amount of tools for your photos to come out as clean and polished as you can possibly make them. From the basic color modifying sliders, to the more advanced, but easy to master options found in a tab, cleverly named “People Beautifier”.

In addition, you are also able to put together a movie using pictures. Chose from a preset pack of transition effects, and add music to your slide show to make it just right. Above everything, you can add text in your slideshow, just in case you want viewers to know something in particular about a given photo.

As if that was not enough, after all your editing is done, you may chose to upload your masterpiece on several social networks for faster spreading, and wait for a positive feedback.

In conclusion

CyberLink PhotoDirector offers a professional approach on photo editing. With its visually appealing interface, and the amount of tools you can use to enhance your photos, this application is a worthy companion not only for experienced users. Take your camera into the field, and start shooting everything, because you will surely make use of any photo once processed with this tools.


Download links:

Cyberlink PowerDirector v7.0.6901.54961 Ultra [Official Installer from Cyberlink] – CLICK HERE.exe

Cyberlink PowerDirector 7.0.6901.54961 Deluxe [Official Installer from Cyberlink] – CLICK HERE .exe

DOWNLOAD UPDATE PATCH version – 7.0.7123.0:  CLICK HERE .exe- YOU can save the update patch to you computer for offline purposes

After launch if you see a dialogue box with the number of activation is exceeded, you need to run regedit.exe, go to the section of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ CyberLink \ PhotoDirector7 \ Userreg – Prod_activate find the value OnlineCheck and change with LocalServer

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.7123.0 – Keygen

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