EditPlus V4.0 Build 840 incl Keygen

EditPlus V4.0 Build 840 incl Keygen

EditPlus 4.0 is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and curse watcher in favor of Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. It is a complete package for the programmers to make some editing in the kind as express higher than. EditPlus is included lots of amazing features related to web page developers and creators.


Features :

♦   It is an amazing text editor, PHP editor for your Windows PC.

♦  It is a high-function software for your needs.

♦  It contains absolutely professional features.

♦  which can serve as a good Notepad replacement?

♦  which can be extended for other programming languages based on custom syntax files?

♦  To save the contents bookmark option is available.

♦  The syntax highlight facility is available.

♦  It provides FTP browser that helps to upload files and view the results

♦  HEX viewer facility.

♦  Zen Coding is available.


* Fixes ‘Modify cliptext Item’ dialog box redraw issue when resizing.
* FTPS could produce ‘Socket is not ready for use’ error message.
* Improved ‘Invalid CR/LF, NULL’ option (‘Preferences’->’File’).
* Fixes a Hangul input method issue.
* FTP supports SOCKS5 proxy with username/password.
* ‘Window’->’Arrange’ command could switch currently active MDI child window.
* Cursor could disappear when switching keyboard.
* Internal browser didn’t show correctly in HiDPI displays.
* Supports Edge as an external browser.
* Cursor could show incorrectly when moving lines up/down.
* ‘Special Character’ on HTML toolbar didn’t work correctly on HiDPI display.
* Auto save option now saves list of working files too.
* UTF-8 file with 4 byte Unicode couldn’t be detected correctly.
* ‘More’ button on the Find dialog box now preserves current search string.
* Print preview cause program crash when switching documents.
* Fixes wrong mouse selection when column select by keyboard.
* Fixes help file index in Korean version.
* Supports URL Encode/Decode command (‘Edit’->’Convert’).
* Find dialog box couldn’t update multiline input box with selected text.
* ‘Strip HTML Tags’ command couldn’t convert HTML entity numbers.
* Increases max number of FTP group to 20.
* Undoing line comment could cause wrong cursor position.
* ‘Sync Directory’ option could show hidden directory window unexpectedly.
* Tab key on selected text didn’t work correctly.
* ‘Ignore All’ in the spell checker didn’t work correctly in some cases



Download (from editplus.com, 2.01 MB)
Download 64-bit (from editplus.com, 2.24 MB)

DOWNLOAD UPADATE EditPlus 4.0 Build 840
Download the latest patch file
Download the latest patch file (64-bit)

EditPlus V4.0 Build 840 incl Keygen

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